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Greyson Fay Sep 2015
He went to bed for the first time in months, without anybody telling him that they loved him, and telling him to sleepwell
and he found it in his favor.
He found it in his favor to not think about the girl he left behind
with nobody to say that they loved her
or to wish her a goodnight.
He found it in his favor to be alone late at night
with no extra warmth in the blankets beside him.
He found it in his favor to not think about the girl, with nothing but a broken heart and empty sheets.
He found it in his favor to think only about the cool pillow against his cheek
and not the tears on hers.

The only thing she found, was that she was no longer in his favor.
Greyson Fay Aug 2015
i wanna sit next to you
and watch that smile spread across your face
and i wanna kiss you, run my hand across your face
i wanna hurt you.
feel the tears roll down my face.
i wanna scar you.
in your heart, without a trace.
i want your eyes to know the shadow in my heart, deep within your own.
i want your eyes to know all the blackness and the pain that
you put it here.
the lines you drew to cover up my smiles were all too dark.
and it seems they won’t erase
and i want you to know how
this beating red soul
turned to black marble, from one heartbreak.
  Aug 2015 Greyson Fay
Adrian Ware
Saying goodbye is something we dread which is what my grandfather said when I was a child about to leave their house for the afternoon
I said goodbye but he said I'll see you soon
Because the word that I used in his own words was said far to soon
He said goodbye means that we won't see each other again
So every since then I have came up with different ways to say that I'm leaving
Like I see you soon or I'll get back to you in a few or maybe we will cross one paths when the sky turns back to the color light blue
Because goodbye is a word that's used when you have a casket in your view
It should not be referred to as way to depart on a day to day basis
It's a word that's used when have disappearing faces
Greyson Fay Aug 2015
i look at you and i’m wondering if you feel angry or cheated
(i know i do) because you threw all of us away
for the new unknowns
but the unknown never came
and all you're left with is the same people
but not the same friends.
  Aug 2015 Greyson Fay
Liz And Lilacs
With every breath,
You exhale fear.
With every gasp,
You inhale death.
  Aug 2015 Greyson Fay
Emily Dickinson

The parasol is the umbrella’s daughter,
And associates with a fan
While her father abuts the tempest
And abridges the rain.

The former assists a siren
In her serene display;
But her father is borne and honored,
And borrowed to this day.
Greyson Fay Aug 2015
He broke my heart, shattered to bits, and i thought it was the healing that was hurting.
But he hadn't broken my heart, he had given up on it and shoved it back into my chest as he bit my neck.
and began to tear it apart.
tortuously slow.
grinning as my smiles disappeared.
and my eyes darkened.
the shreds left are far and thin.
and i cannot talk it through.
and i cannot make-believe myself into a happier existence.
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