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brat bunny Dec 2019
Pretty, blue and dark
deep and wide
like a mouth full of tar
pretty, deep ocean
open your mouth
and swallow me whole
pretty, pretty ocean
so deep and dark
brat bunny Sep 2019
stuff them down your throat
oranges oranges
eat them till you purge
it’s a nice way to lose your guilt
make you throw up your oranges
if you want to lose all your extra weight then eat your oranges and throw them up later
stuff oranges down your throat
oranges oranges
brat bunny Apr 2019
please save our souls
we beg of you
our tears are dry and voices cracked
please save our souls
we’re on our knees
we scream out from this hell all, scratched
please save our souls
our last S.O.S
for we can’t see anymore, our minds lit with a match
please save our sanity
brat bunny Feb 2019
Dear friends,
can i tell you a story?
I know you might not remember me.
But it's worth your time,
I hope.
It's a story about a girl
who lost sight of what was important to her
and fell into madness.

-the girl in the walls
brat bunny Oct 2018
Buttons in our eyes
Why can’t we see the lies
Larvae in our mouth
Why can’t we speak the truth
Spiders in our ears
Why can’t we hear your tears
Sticks in our backs
Why can’t we fix our past
Death in our hearts
Why can’t we live with this mask
brat bunny Sep 2018
They help you feel indifferent
Or they help you get high enough
To fall asleep with all the things you've done
Painkillers and Sleeping Pills
Make you forget it
They bottle it up and say take it
Call it medicine
Painkillers and Sleeping Pills
writer's block
brat bunny Sep 2018
blissful and sweet
euphoric and keen

keep with you always a sharp mind
for your heart betrays you, in the best of times

deadly and meek
traitor and bleak

keep always your heart on your sleeve
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