"Satans halo warped and bloodied"
Katlyn Orthman 

Snow flakes falling in the abyss
Cold antic whispers of sin
The frozen trail deaths finger tips leave across your soul
Mendacious eyes in the dark
A crook of a finger
Leads you farther into the dark
Hand in hand with the beast with wings of the angles
Satans halo warped and bloodied
Stains of the sinners sins on his robe
Evil lays in wake, but slumbers deeply
Hope is running out
Tick of the cracked face clock
The night of an eclipse
Alls dark for a few seconds
Snatch a few innocents
Corrupt them
Then consume

"follow your "devils" and "satans""

There is no hell,
There  is no heaven,
There is no god,
There is no satan.
There is just you
and me, and her
and him, and them
and us.
Maybe there is life after death
maybe it's a ball somewhere
in a grand castle made of sand,
but who am I
and who are you
to tell me or you
or anyone else
what is right to believe
and what is wrong.
Follow your "gods"
follow your "devils" and "satans"
or, just follow your heart.
Let yourself take control,
don't sell yourself to another
being you have not met.
Believe the lies
and truths
and religions you want
but don't force it upon others
let them pick for themself.

Suggestions for a title? Sorry if it doesn't read as poetry, (zero inspiration lately).
"me, stepped on Satans tail"
karin naude 

maturity admired exaggerated by far
assumed mutual care
me, stepped on Satans tail
ignoring elder warnings
believing Satans whispers
building, dreaming forging forever happiness on a whisper, sweat whisper
i enjoyed the dripping yellow whisper
smooth clear honey, flowed
my deity please remember me think me
i Begg for my soul, please mercy
please release my soul
ties that bind, please destroy
by faith alone, a righteous prayer
my redeemer lives
standing on faiths shoulder, my enemies crumble and fall
father please forgive an ignorant youth no more
old spit out toy, emotionless
the road is hard, please carry me
by faith alone, by faith alone

"expect never to run your path by one of Satans dearest friends,"
Victoria Jennings 

A touch that has become poisonous,
A voice blurred by the agony of it's presence,
A feeling that makes you numb,
One long intrustion
A forcful emotion cowering.
It is evil lurking behind the penatrators eyes,
Perhaps he did not feel the squirming,
But maybe he just didn't care,
You hear of things like this but you don't it to come true,
You expect never to run your path by one of Satans dearest friends,
But he is there caressing you
Making your body shiver,
You may not think,
You may not feel,
Your soul is released for the short moments that endtrap you in Hell,
But truly all it is is a hellish reality,
You may not escape unless you are set free,
You cannot leave until the Devils dear friend is done,
You take the brutal and traumatizing moments
And you let them suffocate you,
The memories may always haunt you
But screw it and the hellish reality that surrounds you.

He's finished and you're free to go.

"Now in my eyes you are only one of Satans spawns,"
Victoria Jennings 

Loving you was once precious and the light it gave once let me bask in the glow,
Now I realize how you've destroyed all the possible sucess I could've acheived,
You are not an angel like I once claimed you were,
Now in my eyes you are only one of Satans spawns,
You try to repair it all but you only make it worse,
You think I don't know the truth,
Like I'm some sort of damned fool?!
I know better than to play by your rules,
This time when you try to "fix things"
I'll say "SCREW YOU" and walk away,
And when I go don't expect me to come back,
Not for you,
Hell no.

To my heartbreaker...>:O
"ilt of the glass, sing loud the song of satans last request."
time meets it's end 

cast aside the butterflies, with all the grace they hold

Dancing wings,
mesmerizing my soul

miss butterfly, may I look upon your great skin?

frames change to see her wandering eyes as they glissen in nights skys

you wish, then kiss her?
is your lust so strong

this beauty is what I seek
This beauty is all I want
I wish to everything that is

This butterfly
I wish to fly as she does, dancing about

Every day I look upon her eyes, this butterfly,
I can not hold her
I’ve tried

ah how you long for miss butterfly

held within cracks of this devilish smile

Now son I can give you all flesh and I can take soul

Wish your wish
and you will win
I grant the improvable and impossible
if you are to taste my sin

I can make kings god
I can make armies fall beneath their feet

You wish her heart.
this is flesh.
So mind to you I can do this request.

with the blood of an angel we seal upon terms

voice to lord,  your son does now agree

with the sip of life in hand and the tilt of the glass, sing loud the song of satans last request.
you wish
you want
I give you all desired
nore will this world be un true and not falter

Trust me your soul was already mine to taste
From the day of birth I gave breath when mind fell to taint

the devils hands plays in lusts harmless caress
men's demonds
bound thoughts
found within

watch my left, now watch my right
up now down with magic and fright

lights of this souls bound to me for all time, your glow so warm, your heart so pure
the taste of trickery, my love i adore

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