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saoirse Sep 2012
Red eyes,
set so wide.
Perplexed eyes,
that can hide.
Closed eyes
and a broken smile.

Hollow laughter,
an empty voice.
Quiet speak,
a careless speech.
False assurances
with little joy.
A beating heart
and a broken smile.

*No need to be ravelled up so tight,
just let loose and undo the fright
First time sticking to a form, not sure if I like it. Dampens the natural flow, almost rendering the writing process mathematical.
saoirse Aug 2012
Boxed in.
Silent animals.
Identical chairs and wooden squares.

Absolute silence, bar the inpatients.
The echoes of a deathly infirmary.

Sitting, occupying the time.
Waiting to die.
saoirse Aug 2012
I am left to wander in the depths of my despair.
A dark place; no light, no hope.
Perpetually crippled by deathly demons.
The selfish satans seeking insuppressible sadness and pain.

I, the lone wanderer, musn't give in.
A direction is beginning to take shape.
The lone wanderer will find an escape.
saoirse Aug 2012
Pale skin, so delicate
so vulnerable.
Rivers of blue and green rushing with little red armies.
Shall I get to see my soldiers?
Am I really that brave?
All it takes is
one swift movement
to display the armies in their ravishing reds
rushing out and invading my outer-being.

The soldiers will forever more leave their mark.
An external reminder of internal turmoil.
Alas, I am far too weak.
I continue to fight off these soldiers whilst attempting to replace my false brave armour.
saoirse Aug 2012
Monday Morning, I must speak.
I must liberate my mind and speak to the trusted adult.
I shall be probed and questioned by an understanding man
on the surface
but should I trust him?
Will I be locked up in Ballinasloe
or put on course after course of mystery capsules?
But, alas, I must speak.
I must speak for myself,
for my own benefit.

I must banish the doubts.
I must echo my name.
saoirse Jun 2012
Fourteen Years.
Fourteen Years I've known you.
We are Sixteen now , always the same
Always the ever present love/hate figure
"Best Friends Forever" we'd say
You were the only friend.

I may have took you for granted
The tears.
The laughter.
The fights.
The normality.
The smiles.
I miss it all.
I miss everything, I miss you.

But we drove each other away
Without care or attention
Come back and save me please?
I need you now more than ever.
You've left me wandering aimlessly through life
I'm lost.
I cannot go under. I am not Lady Lazarus.
I need my bestfriend.

It's a shame you're a statue.
Your stillness frustrates me;
Do you possess no emotion?
Do you have a heart, a conscious?
Best friend,
Are you human?
A work in progress :)

— The End —