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Tenshi 7d
Everytime I'm in your arms,
Every kiss we share,
Every hugs you gave me,
It's like heaven,
Like a wonderful dream,
This kind of dream that ends at the best moment,
like a daydream,
as like you are gone in the next second,
But it's the beautiful reality,
And I appreciate every moment that I can share with you,
The warm, soft and lovely feeling you gave me every day,
Like I'm finally at home,
Your sweet gaze and your gentle smile,
Takes away all worries,
I want to take care of you like you do it for me,
Together we can do everything,
I'm always there for you and overjoyed that you are by my side,
I love you wholeheartedly

Tenshi Dec 2020
The softness of the blue sky and the wildness of the gigantic ocean which is so elegant and soft at the same time so much is unknown and undiscovered It's like a miracle there are so many perspectives to discover the endless ocean it's like a adventure on the one hand on the other hand it's like a reassuring place, you can be free and find freedom the sound of  the waves on wich you can trembling away to a far place of imagination on, you don't need to fear anything there is only and the softness of the waves an escaping place out of your troubles a place,
you can find love and peace you can life in pure harmony with yourself and maybe  with your precious treasure you one and only your darling  and together you will find a way out of all your sorrows like the ocean do it so when ever the dark side of the world cruising you down think of this place of pure harmony

  Dec 2020 Tenshi
A single dandelion seed could turn a desert into a beautiful garden, all it needs is someone to love it and look after it ~
Because the love of light is for all to bear, it is embracing, warm and gentle, life grows out of it to rejoice it's wonderful unique touch.
Seeing the desert one should note, that light can be cruel and harsh, scorching in heat while only trying to do what's right,
Leaving behind an almost lifeless part, it becomes the kiss of death,
In the end you get lost, blinded the luminousity which was once a gift
And by the night when it covers, you lost all fear of darkness,
It already became part of what you were anyway, you didn't belong,
Without turning your back you simply let the darkness consume you,
Yet don't you see, that the nights somber appearance holds the glory of crystal starlight; a river of countless of them form the milky way,
Perhaps you are but a blossoming flower, only blooming to the kindled brightness of tonights moon, dim, yet also filled with awe,
The love of light is for all to bear, but don't overdose yourself with it,
Otherwise, it will burn you up before it leaves you rotting.

~ Umi
I decided that I will stop writing poems once I get to 161, I hope no one will miss me
Tenshi Dec 2020
My ******* are your comfort
My milk your nutrition
Then tell me, why are you..
Still so distant?
  Nov 2020 Tenshi
An imagined realm within an ordinary room,
Envisioned to be cut off from all of the outside world,
As long as the doors and windows are closed,
In such regard, no word is to be spoken,
No emotions ever to be felt for the sake of that dream,
No, such impure things are to stay out,
In order to protect the heart, in order to protect ones mind,
So one may relax, in this void,
Where even the liveliest flower
Shall burn.

~ Umi
  Sep 2020 Tenshi
When all is quiet,
The pale light of the full Moon,
Dyes the sky in frost.

~ Umi
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