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Tenshi Jun 29
Thunder and lighting,
dancing through the rain,
brighten up the night,
a dance of harmony and passion,
white a tender prise cools down the hot land,

Tenshi May 13
Such cozy and soothing days,
the calming sound of the rain and the warmth of an oven with crackling warm fire,
on which a comfy warm bed,
a nice hot chocolate and a beautiful movie or a little game with your loved ones,
or simply knuddeln with your one and only,
Is enough too let you calm down and let you feel happy,

I love you wholeheartedly my wonderful darling ❤️
Tenshi May 2
We are going through the darkest of nights,
through the roughest times,
even though it would be a hell of a ride,
we face it together,
don't give up I will never let you go,
never let you down,
I love you for infinity ❤️

I love you wholeheartedly my wonderful darling ~Umi❤️
Tenshi Apr 15
Time is such a fragile element of our life,
Something you don't want to mess with,
Fast as light and slow as a snail at the same time,
Time is limited and rare,
in an blink of an eye could be all over,
everything is running by so fast,
Take a break and enjoy ons in a while the beautiful things of life

I love you wholeheartedly my wonderful darling thanks for being by my side ~Umi ❤️
Tenshi Nov 2021
Fear trembles me,
I can't breathe,
A shocking wave goes through me like a lightning,
My body isn't mine any more,
Everything is numb now,
I can't move,
So many thoughts in my head,
All criss-cross, so fast and loud,
Everything is spinning right now,
Everything is shaking,

Tenshi Oct 2021
Feelings are very difficult to understand and so easy to underestimate,
In one moment they are like a colorful explosion,
full of happiness, joy and excitement
In the other moment they are like a destructive force,
full of  pain, sadness and sorrow,

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