MdAsadullah Dec 2014

Oh Sleeping believer on the bed!
Three knots at the back of your head,
each contains Satan's words enchanting.
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
' The night is, long, so keep on sleeping, '
wake-up praising Allah, untie the first one,
perform the ablution second will be undone,
execute the salah so that remains none.
Send the dullness, gloominess far away.
Get up in the morning lively and gay. :)

Lorraine day Dec 2013

Satan rules he is the master
He leaves behind
A trail of disaster
His aim never to enjoy
Destruction is his game
His ploy
His spoken words
They spit like fire
No truth
From this liar
His gift to all
His twain shall meet
Corruption >pain>lies> deceit

In between life’s mortal coil
where living teaches harshest real.
Mixed between the good and vile
this is the realm we learn to feel.

Our feelings good or very bad
often guide our way in life,
in many ways it is so sad.
Our past does cause us so much strife.

From early years I lived with rage.
Violence was just a way it seems.
Beatings from an early age
it took away our childhood dreams.

The first girl that I really liked
assumed there was some good in me
until my temper truly spiked.
It's when she wanted to be free.

I sit alone and sometimes cry
because of the things I have done.
In retrospect I’d rather die
or disappear and run, run, run.

It just comes out in angers run,
before I know it I strike out.
Just thank the Lord I had no gun
because I would use it there’s no doubt.

After many bad association
where violence has been used to quell
I hope that in this new relation
this time I do not go through hell.

I fight so hard now to restrain
my temper being what it be
From violence I must refrain
once and for all I can be free.

Free from anguish, free from blame.
Not to recall my younger days
Just talk instead of being inflamed
like others in more normal ways.

Now I am married with a wife.
Three loving children I adore
I think now when I feel the strife
No longer use my Satan’s claw.

Satan’s claw is what I call
my way of evil mindedness.
No longer to this way I fall,
now I can make this recompense.

Although my upbringing was quite bad
I feel I blamed my ways on this,
my parent’s lives’ were very sad
and something I shall never miss.

My life has gained in many ways.
My family I love more than all
and life is now something I praise
I thank God each day that I don’t fall

Petal Mar 2017

And so it is,
That I hide
I can't abide

By natures laws,

I confide
Contemplate suicide
Darkly, swinging wide

A clock hand

Unto this,
I remiss
Longing greatly,
For deaths sweet kiss

Dark song,

Blackened lips
I served your table,
Pay your tips

Money spent

Membership dues,
You haven't a clue
Real life in truth,
Coloured blue

Black rainbows,

Make your wage
Dance on stage,
Turn the page

A tune

Step in time,
Sing your rhyme
Its what they want,
They've paid their dime

Watch it,

See me here
Am I clear
The heat,
It sears

I can't breathe

The air is stale
My skin is pale
And I hang,
From Satans tail

Jo Peta Jan 2013

Through the concave of today,

May I see tomorrow.

For I am sick and tired of all the sorrow in my way.

Might I find the exit sign in time,

And leave this awful place behind.

Blood spills from my veins with

each step I take towards the place

that causes pain,


Loving you was once precious and the light it gave once let me bask in the glow,
Now I realize how you've destroyed all the possible sucess I could've acheived,
You are not an angel like I once claimed you were,
Now in my eyes you are only one of Satans spawns,
You try to repair it all but you only make it worse,
You think I don't know the truth,
Like I'm some sort of damned fool?!
I know better than to play by your rules,
This time when you try to "fix things"
I'll say "SCREW YOU" and walk away,
And when I go don't expect me to come back,
Not for you,
Hell no.

To my heartbreaker...>:O
Jonny Angel Aug 2014

Stella had a pentagram etched
across her pert chest,
her jet hair
her icy blues,
she walked twisting the heads
of the forsaken,
she was black magic,
all the way.
Satan has all the spellbinding girls.

If God stopped to condemn us we wouldn't be FREE...But because he never focused on your mistakes ......he forgets them wipes the slate .......clean
God loves everything about me....with all my failures and mistakes ....i have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb......

brandon nagley May 2015

The devil slapped me in the face,
                                                          So I slavered back into his orifice,

As I could hear mine spit blister on his regurgitating grimace mask!!!!!

Kìùra Kabiri May 2017

"Remembering the Soviet’s silent sufferings!"

Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea…… Kiev!
There they marauded cruelly combing all  
And souls they severely sought to take like hogs
Souls they fatally fought-these Dmitri dogs
In death jails-a hell more than purgatory’s punishment
They put souls to pleasurably slaughter them all
And a soul at its time they picked and hacked in elated excitement
Severely they severed them these trigger happy Zarkozsky fools

Hunger and starvation their invasion caused!
It is a saying: To suppress small states-hunger and violence cause!
And out of these societies’ desperations, demeaned humans
Will subjugate freely as miserable subjects-slaves to any rule
The soviet sacrificed us to their animosity and brutality
Our children, our parents, our experts-we all fatally fell
Of their gallous guns or cruel squads or unnatural hungers
Humans, hardworking humans became bones-NOTHING!

We did the donkeys’ hard works-indefatigably  
And they ungrateful, kingly collected our all
All our tills tires they unjustly carried away
And all was left in sustainable villages were huge hungers-
Everywhere were war casualties: tension, desperation, mass starvations-
And when angered we couldn’t bottle anymore we staged rebellions
And they cursed us with all sorts of chemicals contaminations

They combated and convicted us with any known brutal cruelties
Innocent infants they injured with their injustices-fatalities  
Little angels they hewed with brutality-others they made all sorts of slaves
They collected us, us resilient and begun murdering our mettle vitalities
Men, all able men they collected, killed and covered in mass graves
Them they carried in transport trains, some they threw away in trenches, in rivers…
Their remains they concealed to deny us a claim of their atrocities and animosities

Babies remained, crying for their dying mummies and daddies
Long after finally they have given up fighting-living
Poor innocent babies, unaware it is death……
It is not death the devil but Dmitri dogs the devils
That has fat fed on their last of defenses-able parents
Times ahead of them were tough if not toughest

The Petrovs’, the Pavlovichs’, the Mirovics,
The Lenin’s, the Stalin’s, the Sarkozsky’s.....
They are animals raised from hells horrible
There not to pamper and foster but to decimate  
Ruthless and cruel they killed without a soul-a heart  
Death is their rite, blood is their eucharist
Mass mortuaries of mutilated bodies are their sophists
Killing is their glorious celebrations-theirs sacred sacrifices

In jail, doors opened and rude were ruthless soldiers’ orders
Chains crinkled on ground as sacrifices lead to little altars
Prisoners were time to time collected and lead in cruel commanders’ commands
And from distances came echoes of targeted bingo bull’s-eye shots
A LOW ROW of shots followed by the silences of squeal of sailed souls and their guilt
If a day or a night-if any able to tell from chained scary dark chambers  
Passed and found you fit-alive, you counted yourself very, very lucky!

It was dark when we escaped from the jaws of our starving starring deaths
Out, the moon shone silvery sweet and bright on these sad virgin-white snows
Its silver speckle lights letting lurid luminous sparkling glows
The snow rained with such sadness and bitterness
On our ears it whizzed with fury and ferocity
On our bare skins it bit with brutality and cruelty
On our near naked feet it froze and frosted
We endured, we had to!

Had we managed to rob death of its celebration and elation
A taste of our starved wounded bones-surviving skeletons
We had to struggle to live and hope give, we strived, we had no choice
If we were to be counted heroes of our hopeless humans
Saviours of our suppressed peoples
We had to reach a safe distance and our rural homes
To stage the war from the roots, the stems, the base!

A death in nature by nature is better than one in Dmitri dogs hands
Their deaths were inhumane, their deaths were merciless
They were mocking and shocking-laughing and loathing while killing
A mocking moustache peeking from their elongated mouths smiles
A cigar smoking from their mouth and emitting from their nostrils
A red star labeled soviet beret on their dirty irking hairy heads
They killed you slowly loving and laughing of any strength you gave to live
Until at last you are lost-in the abyss arenas of death, your are done
Such a point you give up, you can’t fight, resist anymore

They chased after us–they pursued us
They were too determined to not let any of us live
But miraculously we lived-we somehow survived
Here in this snowy arena it is a fair ground for everyone-
There is no grandmaster, it is improvisation
Survival only for the willed-fittest
Not how well you were equipped or trained
Though too skills and determination also counted

We trapped them in their own constructed coliseum
A lot of them free-froze and fell in these forgotten fields
Their bones never to reach their of-kin commemorating cemeteries
Nature is JUST! As us, theirs too had to bitterly mourn their nature lost
The never to see graves, reminders of their never returned fighting loved ones
With God’s grace on us, we cheated their beginning to tire authorities
We reached home; we reached the earth’s of our ancestors

And here we gathered to charge back-to seek backups
To restore the lost glory of our nastily punished perishing people
Some we sneaked to safety in case we all perish we have remnants
Backups to tell of us-our sorrowful story-our liberty struggles
To Kiev and its heroes; to Kiev and its strong heroines
To Kiev and its resistant living; To Kiev and its resilient
We gathered to kick back, to tell the world of the evils of the Soviet Satans
To mourn with grace our gone and done in this dehumanizing disgrace!  
O Kiev, her heartless Holodomor; O Crimea, O Georgia…..
The Satanic Soviet infiltration brought you eternal sufferings!

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.

Ayad Gharbawi Dec 2009


Ayad Gharbawi

Child that gathered knowledge
Knowledge frightening to human nature
Girl-child was awakened
Herself she awakened
Saw the glow of eyes buttery
Glow of hatred molten
Glow of rape howling
Child, pretended innocence pretty
Child smiled all along the paths unknown
Yet, her body recognized colours unimaginable in their serenity sublime
Figures in her sleep strange, yet beautiful
Songs of sweet sleep, yet alerting in their soothing abilities
Little girl, who are you?
Why won’t you let us
Define you?
Little girl
Honourable lady woman
Did you grow up at all?
Or did you just die in your infancy?
As so many before you have
Did you come
To feel and understand
Your sensitive dimensions?
We would have made sure that you would be mature
If you were submissive enough for us!
Child girl, laughs uneasily and seriously
Child girl, sees lofty, exalted visions possessive
Visions of history’s episodes are expressed pointedly in your compulsive embraces
The foolish martyred are reading holy sermons for their self remembrance
Soldier unknown unmasking his face mangled to the surprised horror and utter disgust
Of his family, friends and other serious clowns
Singing an anthem of Fate’s real truth and nature and essence
Heroine unnumbered, chained to deformity
And becoming a mirror of what they did chain you to
Child girl scarred and petrified by disturbed scenes committed lovingly and lavishly by Man
Child girl curls, yet anticipates
Listen! The foot-steps frighten you once more
The shrieking manic clown has arrived again, red eyed and even more
Laughing dreary, spitting words jumbled and aloud
Figure of shame stands in front of you
Intents pre-arranged by his late father
Little girl!
Are you a woman yet?
Hearing swirls of delirious, sickening
Madness, uncontrollable panic and deathly angst
Hearing painter’s brush strokes that scream their gasps of breathlessness out
Loudly and chaotically
Hears the anguish of colours’ contrasts and contradict each other to the point of
Serious suicide
Little child! Sees the begging deaf pleading for choirs heavenly to sing seriously
Sees the miserable, emaciated crumbles crumbling,
Yet foolishly searching for a non-existent tenderness in darkness painted by drunken Satans
With the foulest, blackest oil colours in their leprous fingers
They try to paint you; define you
Analyze you; dissect you
Categorize you; classify you
Little girl; woman; virgin?
Alone and sincerely and deceptively guided by complicated, intertwining hatreds
That severely despised the existence of each other’s truths and falsities
Feeling sovereignty abused by casual, bored
Unconcerned sub-humans in powerful positions on earth
Pierced in pain
My sweet girl, you are now
Pierced in deathly, unforgiving
Pains and hatreds never forgotten
Sweet Humanity
Sweet Man
Sweet human beings
How sweet you all truly are!

karin naude Mar 2013

maturity admired exaggerated by far
assumed mutual care
me, stepped on Satans tail
ignoring elder warnings
believing Satans whispers
building, dreaming forging forever happiness on a whisper, sweat whisper
i enjoyed the dripping yellow whisper
smooth clear honey, flowed
my deity please remember me think me
i Begg for my soul, please mercy
please release my soul
ties that bind, please destroy
by faith alone, a righteous prayer
my redeemer lives
standing on faiths shoulder, my enemies crumble and fall
father please forgive an ignorant youth no more
old spit out toy, emotionless
the road is hard, please carry me
by faith alone, by faith alone

Mr Macabre Jan 2012

You better watch out
- You better not cry
You better not shout
- I'm telling you why

Satans spawns are coming to town

They're checking their list
- They're checking it twice;
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice

Satans spawns are coming to town

They see you when you're sleeping
- They know when you're awake
They know if you've been bad or good
- So be good for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!
- You better not cry
- Better not shout
I'm telling you why

Satans spawns are coming to town

M.M ©2012

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