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Kìùra Kabiri May 2017
"Remembering the Soviet’s silent sufferings!"

Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea…… Kiev!
There they marauded cruelly combing all  
And souls they severely sought to take like hogs
Souls they fatally fought-these Dmitri dogs
In death jails-a hell more than purgatory’s punishment
They put souls to pleasurably slaughter them all
And a soul at its time they picked and hacked in elated excitement
Severely they severed them these trigger happy Zarkozsky fools

Hunger and starvation their invasion caused!
It is a saying: To suppress small states-hunger and violence cause!
And out of these societies’ desperations, demeaned humans
Will subjugate freely as miserable subjects-slaves to any rule
The soviet sacrificed us to their animosity and brutality
Our children, our parents, our experts-we all fatally fell
Of their gallous guns or cruel squads or unnatural hungers
Humans, hardworking humans became bones-NOTHING!

We did the donkeys’ hard works-indefatigably  
And they ungrateful, kingly collected our all
All our tills tires they unjustly carried away
And all was left in sustainable villages were huge hungers-
Everywhere were war casualties: tension, desperation, mass starvations-
And when angered we couldn’t bottle anymore we staged rebellions
And they cursed us with all sorts of chemicals contaminations

They combated and convicted us with any known brutal cruelties
Innocent infants they injured with their injustices-fatalities  
Little angels they hewed with brutality-others they made all sorts of slaves
They collected us, us resilient and begun murdering our mettle vitalities
Men, all able men they collected, killed and covered in mass graves
Them they carried in transport trains, some they threw away in trenches, in rivers…
Their remains they concealed to deny us a claim of their atrocities and animosities

Babies remained, crying for their dying mummies and daddies
Long after finally they have given up fighting-living
Poor innocent babies, unaware it is death……
It is not death the devil but Dmitri dogs the devils
That has fat fed on their last of defenses-able parents
Times ahead of them were tough if not toughest

The Petrovs’, the Pavlovichs’, the Mirovics,
The Lenin’s, the Stalin’s, the Sarkozsky’s.....
They are animals raised from hells horrible
There not to pamper and foster but to decimate  
Ruthless and cruel they killed without a soul-a heart  
Death is their rite, blood is their eucharist
Mass mortuaries of mutilated bodies are their sophists
Killing is their glorious celebrations-theirs sacred sacrifices

In jail, doors opened and rude were ruthless soldiers’ orders
Chains crinkled on ground as sacrifices lead to little altars
Prisoners were time to time collected and lead in cruel commanders’ commands
And from distances came echoes of targeted bingo bull’s-eye shots
A LOW ROW of shots followed by the silences of squeal of sailed souls and their guilt
If a day or a night-if any able to tell from chained scary dark chambers  
Passed and found you fit-alive, you counted yourself very, very lucky!

It was dark when we escaped from the jaws of our starving starring deaths
Out, the moon shone silvery sweet and bright on these sad ******-white snows
Its silver speckle lights letting lurid luminous sparkling glows
The snow rained with such sadness and bitterness
On our ears it whizzed with fury and ferocity
On our bare skins it bit with brutality and cruelty
On our near naked feet it froze and frosted
We endured, we had to!

Had we managed to rob death of its celebration and elation
A taste of our starved wounded bones-surviving skeletons
We had to struggle to live and hope give, we strived, we had no choice
If we were to be counted heroes of our hopeless humans
Saviours of our suppressed peoples
We had to reach a safe distance and our rural homes
To stage the war from the roots, the stems, the base!

A death in nature by nature is better than one in Dmitri dogs hands
Their deaths were inhumane, their deaths were merciless
They were mocking and shocking-laughing and loathing while killing
A mocking moustache peeking from their elongated mouths smiles
A cigar smoking from their mouth and emitting from their nostrils
A red star labeled soviet beret on their ***** irking hairy heads
They killed you slowly loving and laughing of any strength you gave to live
Until at last you are lost-in the abyss arenas of death, your are done
Such a point you give up, you can’t fight, resist anymore

They chased after us–they pursued us
They were too determined to not let any of us live
But miraculously we lived-we somehow survived
Here in this snowy arena it is a fair ground for everyone-
There is no grandmaster, it is improvisation
Survival only for the willed-fittest
Not how well you were equipped or trained
Though too skills and determination also counted

We trapped them in their own constructed coliseum
A lot of them free-froze and fell in these forgotten fields
Their bones never to reach their of-kin commemorating cemeteries
Nature is JUST! As us, theirs too had to bitterly mourn their nature lost
The never to see graves, reminders of their never returned fighting loved ones
With God’s grace on us, we cheated their beginning to tire authorities
We reached home; we reached the earth’s of our ancestors

And here we gathered to charge back-to seek backups
To restore the lost glory of our nastily punished perishing people
Some we sneaked to safety in case we all perish we have remnants
Backups to tell of us-our sorrowful story-our liberty struggles
To Kiev and its heroes; to Kiev and its strong heroines
To Kiev and its resistant living; To Kiev and its resilient
We gathered to kick back, to tell the world of the evils of the Soviet Satans
To mourn with grace our gone and done in this dehumanizing disgrace!  
O Kiev, her heartless Holodomor; O Crimea, O Georgia…..
The Satanic Soviet infiltration brought you eternal sufferings!

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri May 2017
Like dandelions
Unwanted weeds
That sweet still loyal remains
Comforting and consoling-condoling!
Hanging and hugging-overtaking
Our left and forgotten solo soul mounds

Like algae and fungi
Graying mulch molds
That dear and royal remains
Clinging and overhanging
Pretty painting lovely and lively-beautiful
Our crumbled and fallen ashy-grey epitaphs-crosses, mausoleums

Like silences and scares
That masks and covers
The secrets of the cemeteries
The truth of the gone obituaries
The dead true eulogies
Silent, alive and alone she harbours our lost memories

She still clings to my gone soul
With the same love-same hope-same whole
Same zeal-unshaken and unchanged  
Same as in our younger and youthful days
She still holds the history of out times together
The memory of our moments: courting-copulating-loving-leaving…….

She was Laura, lover of my youthful *****
She was my first and forever
My immortal and eternal
Dandelion, sweetheart of my heart and art-life!  
One that still royal and loyal-lively remains
Attached to my just decaying remains

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri Apr 2017
Eve, bride of my pride
Eve, beauty of my dreams
Look at you, how you're-gorgeous
Listen-feel-see, how you’re-glorious

Magnificent, good-looking and golden
As the unconquered summer moons
Up high in nights with cloudless sky
Burning the tiring night into a new day

See how hearts sweet you make melt in your graceful glow
See how you beautiful build, fascinating as a fountain flow
Like smooth symphony of walking waves
Rising and lessening in their peaceful runs to the wharves

Your hair falls and floats in the bare breezes
Sweet, tempting and teasing in their wheezes
Lovely and lively like young river poplars sprigs in springs
So soft long as satins wools strings

Their stable stallion's tail straight strand ends
Dancing with the winds wheezes and whispers
Reflecting and glistening as in sun beams at vespers
What a blend of sacred strand brands!

Eve, instrument of my adores
Eve, O my saint, mi amours!
How beautiful is your trace
So graceful, everything in its space
All occupants in their rightful place

Look at your face, like an infant angel’s
So tender and soft, brilliant and bright
So sacred and smooth just as purity light
Overflowing with holiness and goodness

Your slender neck tender, elegant as ascension’s splendours
Your feels and fascinates, glances and reverences  
Your contemplations and obsessions, images and illusions
Your desires and admires, your embraces and caresses
So holy and venerable, like seraphs touching sacred salutations

Your fragile soul, delicate in my arms
Your feathery feels, light in my palms
Your tender body, abandoned in my built
So pious and precious, pleasured and treasured
Eve, cherub of my pleads and praises  

Eve, goddess designed for me
Dream, resurrected from mine
Alloy, made from mine meats mettle
Pretty and pricy, so gentle and brittle
Flower, eternal instrument of my delights
You burn my Hittite’s heart with softness and tenderness
And all I dreams of, is your touches and catches-imminences

Eve, apple of my youthful eye
Rose of my maiden garden
Pomegranate of my pleasures
Eve, woman of my resting ribs
A make of my make, glory of my cheery!
How lovely you are!

How excellent you are
Covet of my cravings
How wonderful you are
Woman of my desires
How piously holy you are
Benediction of my adorations

O my object of obsessions
Dream of my awakes
Slumber, sleep of my smooth soothes
Massage of my mild caresses
Soft, tenderness of my feels
How do I wish to always wake
In your peaceful palpable palms

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri Apr 2017
Adam, beauty of my splendours’ wake
Adam, gorgeous of my woman's make
Like blended incense of a skilled perfumer-longer lasting
Precious is your every moment’s memory-forever fascinating

Sweet like honey dripping with tastes
Exulting like melodic music to banquet
Exalting as glory of saints sequences
Fragrant like blossoms-blooms to bouquet
You are awesome, Adam, my handsome!

Betwixt your endearing arms embrace
There is no other kingly palace-
In the world, better than being in this place
You are mine ever, fortified fortress!

Your arms enclosures are posh and precious-what a delightful pleasure!
Than all the Royal Palaces in the world- the Palace of Pena,
The Buckingham, the Bellevue, the Palace of Versailles…..
You are my refuge, my strength, within you I am at peace!

Your hugs and kisses are the safest and secure citadel, château!
More than the newly built castle-Castle In Love with the Wind, Conwy Castle
The Château de Chambord or the worldly Windsor Castle, the Edinburgh Castle
Better than the Neuschwanstein or the Alcazar or the Culzean Castle  

On your pleasured chest
What more luxury lusciously nest?
Than this peacefully plumed softs on to rest
On yours is a cozy quilt pillow-purest!  

Adam, I adore you, you are the one for me and I am the one for you!
Like you are never any and if any there are not many but only of you a few
Adam, my strong man, your body is like the vigour of a youthful river flow
Shaped and chiseled finely like Archangel Michael’s-without any a flaw  
Your stamina is of a stallion, raised for the royal loyal knights, princes and kings

You eyes, they burns with allure like summer suns, with calmness and warmth
Your looks alone, burns my cold skin with a warm tenderness and a happy healing health
With you, again, my under skins shivers, vibrates with a new chill feel of elated lively wealth
You build stars for me even when my sky is a sorrowful sea of melancholy and misery

Adam, look at how you build-fascinating, amongst the pride of your elites
Like a cherub injected with alchemies of never getting old but growing younger
Straight and tall you stand-dominant before me conquered, deeply rooted as Lebanon’s cedars
And when me you touch gently o-ooh! It is with soft so tender as river lilies sacred splendours
Adam, you are killing me, skinning me while still I am living, let me first die for you!  

Let me feel your loving lips digging deep into mines meager burning complete even my heart  
Let me first touch those sinews and serrations all over your graceful figurine  
Let me first prostrate, adore you-my king and knight, my warrior and worship!  
Let me fancy you muscle man, a delighting idol of your deity’s outline
Let me a little look in those starry eyes of yours and see my fragility safe in their security

Let me feathery feel weighed in those toddler’s sways and swings of your swift palms lifts
You arms strength drawing all my energies faint, as it goes round my wasp’s waist  
Then you can slay and slice me-**** me subjugated into a humble defeat before you
In whatever way you want and feel best, I am capitulated-your captured and conquered queen!

Adam, before you, you are the coveted master and I am your surrendered slave
Besides you let me leafy feel, little and small dancing on your burly biceps
And my brittle petite bottoms sit safe on top of your large ****’s laps
For you alone are my glorious king-Adam, you send me deep into my craving grave
Stretch and save me from the abyss of my trepidations and temptations-I want you, for good!

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri Apr 2017
You said you will let us grow old
You said you will never let any
Be to grieves, sorrowfully sold
We will always be jolly as days sunny

You said you will let us hold dear our children
You said you will let us play with our grandchildren
What happened you returned earlier?
What happened you have broken the promise-the vow?

I look at this moment, melancholic
I remember my dear, I miss her much
It is sad and hard to believe these are our last moments
Soon the earths will open and her forever swallow
O! What happened to our oaths-together till forever?
Now I am standing here a haunted man, alone in trembling tears  

What happened you have visited us?
What didn’t we do well you have returned to us?
What happened that in my arms my lover will never feel?
In my laps my lover will never make her passionate pun
And in our cozy bed she will never let her warm morning yawn

Instead I see a casket as her carrier and a bier as her resting stool
The sight of this soggy and sordid soil-mould as her forever dark cold bed
It embitters me and I tremendously tears
O! What really went wrong with our consensus?  
And it said: you shall never return until it is tomorrow
When we are much older yesterday to tell apart from today

O! What really went wrong, death?
And we had a gentlemen agreement  
You will never revisit our love world
You said you will never let any alone go
If, together we will always go

Now I watch, hard to believe, I’m letting her go
How am I to let her go?
And we held each other so strong to let us part
With each day our bond getting even much stronger

My love I will never let you go
If, there will always be a haunting ghost of you
Hunting and hurting me for letting you alone go
It was just to be you and me
How then can I say goodbye and let you alone go?

I don’t say goodbye even in silences of my slaying sorrows
Even at this last time in my unending gravesides grieves
The priest and the peoples in piety performing their pastoral perpetual ritual
The last respect rite to human’s body on earth:
Body to dust, bones to ashes, soul to its Maker……!
Even though the song will be playing in my silent head’s mind
Live as on a stereo radio-the James Blunt sad sorrowful sweet song:

“Goodbye my lover; Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one; you have been the one for me......
You touched my heart, you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals………
I've kissed your lips and held your head.
Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
I know you well, I know your smell, I've been addicted to you.
Goodbye my lover; Goodbye my friend……!”
And then follows his percussion humming trademarks hmm-hmm!

I won’t budge to the pressures of sad times
No, I won’t let you go; you have been the one for me!
You have been my lover, my partner-all these years,
How could I let you go, how could I let you go even though I want?
My love, why didn’t you wait a little bit longer for me?

I am your dreamer; I don’t want to wake to find naught you
I am haunted to leave or live, so let me just be
Just let me be, asleep with your eternal love
I won’t say goodbye, I won’t sing-goodbye my lover!
I will remain sandwiched to the oath: you’re mine-by eternal right

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri Mar 2017
The sun scours her
Snow scrapes her
Frosts feasts her
Mist munches her
Fog freezes on her
Dew develops and dries on her
But she is resilient

Like gigantic ancient hills
She is caring Mama still
Rearing her kids will
Like cedars that straight stands
In Lebanon’s forested lands
She is a shady giant old oak
She does not wither
But stronger she withstands
The hurricanes, the sad storms
With cools and calms
She has no qualms
But a strong will-determinations

Mama, my strong woman!
All alone she shoulders
She does not complain or blame
In silence she just sings
Her strong woman’s songs
Blessings to her sons and man:
To her daughters and children
That time may pass by well
With a hand of sacred spell
And their future good foretell
Curses and causes erase complete
Diseases and damnations delete

Mama, a strong woman!
Nine months she carries with passionate cares
With no scares, sorrows or grumbling sorry
She cares for her bulge with a compassionate worry
Daily she gently it rears
Minute by minute
She fondly feels it
Her foetus forming
Stroking, it calming
Her other duties still perfectly performing
Mama, my passionate woman!
In pains she benevolently bears
Me she benignly beholds
Young as old-still her child
Till either, sadly and sorrowfully is no more
Mama, my strongest woman!

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
Kìùra Kabiri Mar 2017
We will play the piano together
With you sexily seated on my laps
If I be in good moods I will sing-
You the very beautiful sweet song-
The most awesome live performance
Karaoke, you have ever heard
A sweet song from my heart and soul-
My feelings as well as my thoughts
I will let out all unreserved

My fingers flowing with its off-beat tone
And your head and heart node
Obsessively following its lone tone
For to my heart and soul you’ll there belong
And to your mind and thoughts I’ll be strong
The voice matters not as the sincerely let-out words

I will delight in your attentive silence
To my off-beat frogs’ croaks romance
Piercing deep your heart as thoughts and emotions
Rather, the talks than the symphony
Of my sonorous sound’s melody
I will watch you with deep admirations-my perpetual possessions
And I will hold you and your now trickling tears
My doting darling from falling and getting any hurt
I will catch your soul as its moved heart cheers

For I swore-in my arms’ sinews you’ll always swing
In my embraces you’ll always find a home to cling
And in your heart’s soul I will always spring
Within us there will be an ever telepathy, a ring
A buried umbilical cord, our worlds to string

We will bake the beautiful breads together
Dusting playfully and suggestively each other
With its fine flour, white dirt
We will cook the delicious meals together  
My arms around your wealthy waist
Your head’s stem rested on my chest
As your gently hands wifely stirs the steaming ***
My soul humbly humming: blessed he who gets such a material mum

Then we will sit on that set table steaming with delis
To fondly feed each other with the spoils before us
Till full and foolish we will richly rest carelessly
On these soft sofas exhausted and excited
Your body flat over mine stretched protective, carefree

I will feel proud and honoured
When I look at your finger
And on it I be merrily met
By that five-carats diamond glint
I will remember the song of your heart
On that our maiden wedding day
‘Yes, I do my love; I agree to be your forever wife
For better or bitter, for good or rude, for merry or moody
Now and until only, sadly, death does us apart!”

And I’ll shed a tear of joy and glory
On the far we have held unblemished the pure promises
The far the Good Lord us has carried and cared, a blessing!  
And I know you will care to know why your man is shedding a tear
In moments such memorable as this, for you are my woman and I am your man…….

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved.
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