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Pao Nov 23
all these fake *******
want to hit up my line
always crying on me
that they never get **** right

they talkin about how they
alone in this doggy dog world
yet can’t even ask a simple hello

all these fake *******
want to use you for your money
never think twice about the bills you have to pay

this is a call out to all the fake hoes
in my life that hit up my line
when they were bored of their ****
using me as a convenience

this is a call out to the *****
that cried crocodile tears
lied to me for months
and never showed their face
days after

all these fake *******
want to hit up my line
always crying on me
that they never get **** right

boo hoo motherfuker
get the ******* my line
take your *** back
to hell where you belong
get the ******* my life
take your baggage and clownery
somewhere else

i’ll send my last wishes
when you’re in hell
Pao Sep 13
i visit you in my dreams
cause that’s all i can feel

i visit you with love in my heart
i visit you with hate in my lungs
i visit you with tears on my face
i visit you with laughter on my tongue
i visit you with wishing i can have you back
in my arms the way i thought it would be

i fell for your kindness
that turned into cowardice

i wake up every time
with an empty stomach
not knowing if i want to live the reality
or live in the dream
all i know is i want to rest in peace
and let your memory rest in the casket
Pao Sep 13
the golden angels
sing for me
a melody of tears
from all the pain they’ve endured

in a planet called pluto
angels fall
and angels hit the deep abyss
for them to realize

they are within me
i’m the angels singing for me
a melody of tears
from all the pain i’ve endured
Pao Jun 23
can’t be caring for no one
these revelations
these revelations
opened my third eye
to the mess people truly are
faking their love every time
just to get into someone’s bed

these revelations
these revelations
got me calculating peoples’ intentions
in the deep corners of my mind
will you pull me on a string?
manipulate my heart?
steal my saved hundreds?


these revelations
these revelations
serve a higher purpose
i know bad energy when i feel one
i won’t let myself get near one

a curse hidden in disguise
a blessing in plain sight
these revelations
these revelations
got me running inside my mind
Pao Jun 22
i can’t see you the same
your true colors are finally shown
it hurts way too much
i don’t want to
deal with the *******

please come back
i know if you come back
it won’t be the same
and your company
would be misery

i can’t see you the same
i can’t act
like i’m better off without you
truth is, my heart is broken
every single day i can’t share
memories with you

your mom wants me dead
your dad doesn’t know who i am
your friends think i’m a *****

they may be right
you’re the angel in this narrative
even if you got rid of me first
Pao Jun 22
suffering in silence
i won’t pick up the phone
to call you up
who would i be
if i did that to myself

some days get harder and harder
knowing you’re not here with me
i thought i had a friend
a friend that will last until
death do us part

you broke my heart
spitting on it during the process
Pao Jun 22
you shot me down
with your negligence
unspoken words
hang in the air
and disappear with your cowardice

how could you shoot me down
when all i wanted was the best
for your heart
i don’t deserve your silence, babe
i did everything i could
to please you, babe

i know being a people pleaser
destroys your soul
but babe i was willing
to destroy mines for yours

you did me wrong
because you’re used to
people doing you wrong
you can’t accept the good things
that come with love
so you would rather run and hide
until the demons disappear
from your bedside

don’t come running back
for my company
i know you won’t come back
but if you ever do
i won’t accept your apology
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