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Filomena Feb 27
He said,
Now please attend
My praying class,
But don't offend
By playing crass!

I heard
A Crashing Cymbal,
Sounding Brass,
A Blasting Wind,
A Braying ***.

In the end,
Despite the way
The teacher tried,
I still remain
A Pauline reference.
Written Feb. 26, 2022.
Augmented and edited the following day.
Pao Sep 2020
we've been here before
tongues tied
blank stares
you always stare back at me
with no gleam in your eyes

i've been trying to align my chakras
finally putting my wisdom where my mouth is
i don't think i can do this anymore

back and forth
running from you
running back to you

i will always find you wherever i run
to west palm
to the warm sunset
to the soft crashing of ocean waves
to the yellow flowers i see by nameless corner stores
to the rain during spring and fall

i can't hold back
let me go and i'll let you go
Andrew Rueter Jun 2019
Why do I speak in tongues?
Is it just for fun
Or to leave people stunned?

The Holy Spirit fills me with joy
I want to say something beautiful
But no words are beautiful enough
So I speak in tongues

A demon possesses me with misery
I want to say something evil
But no words are evil enough
So I speak in tongues

When words escape my lungs
I speak in tongues
About the life I’ve spun
Ylzm May 2019
A book was given,
but the man cannot read.
Another can read,
but cannot understand.
A book of secrets,
in a plain tongue.
A strange tongue given,
secrets revealed.
Ylzm May 2019
in seven of sevens,
in time, times and a half,
from the very first night,
the harvest is completed.

the fruition of the leaven of truth,
once a strange tongue,
coded in familiar languages;
unquenchably burns on altars.

a foreign bride awaits,
the reason a man leaves his family;
love shall be awakened and aroused,
for the time is right!

the light, fully revealed.
a child, a new creation:
King of kings for a thousand years,
then Armageddon!
Our tongues
frolicking in the slippery depths
that can only be described as
a lingual dance of love
Enzo Feb 2019
There can be no sweeter tongue, nor softer lips than the ones on your mouth as you say my name
Call me again
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