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TD Aug 2018
...Little wonder why
luminescent eyes tumble
sightless on ancient bones.

Iron irises sulk
discovered listless
stuck deep in earthly form.

Pieces asunder
from the core
fade in dying light.

Hurtling unfocused
frangible instead of cast
rapt with wanting more.

Another conquest
wandering far to solder
faulty manifestos.

Never resting still
to journey on
for--their aimlessness.

A worldly wink
to one bent on
purposeless existence.

I'd rather be celestial.
This poem was inspired by meteors. :) A spacial conundrum.. in a way. *grin*
An enigmatic world that spins;
Setting hands around the clock,
Wearing down the wrinkled grins,
An ark set sail to never dock.
Wandering the tameless dark,
Sifting facts from all delusion,
Passing by without remark,
The woeful tale of our seclusion.
Until a streak of light from Heavens staff
Tears dark asunder in the night,
And thunder bellows a boisterous laugh,
To startle calm who runs in fright.
Until Cosmic fields of desolation
Stand by in full reproach,
Of long awaited consolation,
To seed the change upon approach.
For when moisture in the air hangs heavy
From eastern winds of natures plow,
And besieging waters breach the levee
As day comes forth by times avow,
Burdens will lift with morning's rise,
Presenting with a mustered grace,
After fallen tears dried the eyes,
To wash out fears without a trace.
The blue above, the bird that flies,
Warmth from the sun in full embrace,
The barrage of green as flora thrives,
Leaves me proud to be of this Earthly place.
Silver Raven May 2018
I was brought down by countless enemies,
So, I faced empty caskets for charities.
I was battered by tongues of thorns now I am in hiding,
Running away from their storm of insults and flaws
And I know they’re wrong with honest negativity.
I was left alone to endure this catastrophe.
Now their words become my reality?
My body becomes their masterpiece?
I’m not their opinion meshed in a frame...
I am my one and only fact. Stop playing me like a sick game!

No, I don’t want to believe what they have say.
But I  have to, if I want to survive another day.
Finding who you are takes time. Not taking others frivolous comments.

(Unless it’s constructive criticism... I guess)
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2018
You were born with having nothing,
You will go with having nothing.
Nothing is yours,
Nothing was yours,
Nothing will be yours.
You are here only in TRANSIT.
What you get is what HE wants to give.HE writes your destiny.HE gives you opportunities.The rest is on your Karma and your beliefs.
Brianna Duffin Feb 2018
If ever there was a spirit divine,
One force to rule all else,
He has spoken;
He has crowned his earthly queen.
Her throne carved of stone
And her face carved with courage,
She bade the storm quiet
And all the earth knew silence.
A doe at her feet, and sparrow on her arm,
Her Excellence sweeps away the troubles
With a wave of her delicate pearl hand.
Her eyes are hazel, burning to rival any ruby.
With ears so small she hears but all.
The queen, in comfortable solitude
And Divinity.
This poem appears as part of a collection. Read it in full here:
Lyn-Purcell Feb 2018
Lust is one craving for your flesh and
conquest. Love is one melding
with your mind and body.
Then, and only then,
are you truly
Love and lust go in hand and hand. We live in a world concerned about lust than genuine love. This is my honest belief on what it means to be naked.
I'm old-fashioned like that - I have a retro soul by nature.
An ideal that I treasure, and one I fear has ceased to exist...
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
Beautiful things
lead difficult
A sad truth...
ZenithSeeker Nov 2017
Society is not all bad
sometime it to something positive
by crushing dreams
avoiding intellects and siege freedoms
by giving cold shoulder
to some fellows,
by doing all wrongs
yet some stubborn souls
survive and later those fellows
find the happiness in
aromatic blend of nothingness
and that so called society
is still gloomy with everything
triztessa Oct 2017
This is a cry of a person dissatisfied
the faint feeling of a blank stare stating:

Here I look upon the world,
to which I am dreadfully attached
I regret to love it so much
as I cling on harshly, gaping;
it is full of distaste and resentment.
I tried to see everything in it,
I have lived and saw life without grace
and sin devours envy controls hate
and men die holding their pride
and selfishness corrupted the soul.

It is without a doubt that I -
who swore to be free of the earth
withheld of freedom and deemed memory
a clean slate again.
I love you
Three words that don't tell it how it is
I more than love you
I want you,
Need you,
Have you,
Feel you,
Miss you,
Fear you,
See you,
Hear you,
Kiss you,
Adore you,
Taste you,
Breathe you,
I more than love you
I worship you
As my friend
As my lover
As the ruler of my heart
You are all good things
Yet you're like no other
I would kiss the ground
Your feet have walked on
Then I'd kiss them too
Not to prove I'm worthy
Just because I enjoy the sensations
Of trying new things with you

Time with you is a commodity
Much easier to part with
I spend it frivolously
Purely for enjoyment
We live for memories
Sleep for dreams
I sleep to wake up next to you
One thing I always look forward to
Is softly kissing your back
From top to bottom
Then bottom to top
As though I am your wake up call
Your human alarm clock
"Rise and shine gorgeous,
it's already ten o'clock"

I want you to know
You are priceless
Beyond value
Beyond worldly things
Invaluable to my happiness
Detrimental to the pain
I more than love you
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