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  May 2019 Silver Raven
The darkness smirks.

Shadows like a minstrel strum
their expectant fingers
on flushed cheeks
catching the reflection
in fevered eyes.

sinister awaits
a bated breath
a tongue that licks at sores
with fiendish pleasure.

Our craven desires
consume us—
until there is nothing left
but ashen truth
and broken hearts.

And generations of
Silver Raven May 2019
They hold an untold truth,
that is linked to you.
Listen to the sounds,
As they slither around.
Coiled and twined,
Growing in size.
Latched on to your screams,
As they enter your dreams.
Fight the battle long and hard,
Until they are nothing but shards.
But the truth will still remain
until your emotions are slain.
Origin: Had a dream about a snake laying eggs that were actually maggots and they grew in various sizes. Quite disturbed honestly
Silver Raven Mar 2019
The will to hold back tears
To not submit to fear.
The birth of bandaids
To hide bruises and scars made.
The talent of using words
To misguide the ignorant world.
A cool barrel shoved with daggers,
A ticket to enter hell or heaven.
Or just eternal blindness, deafness, talking...less
It’s bliss, isn’t it?
Might edit this later ~ was busy irl so just something of the top of my mind
Silver Raven Mar 2019
Passion and I would paint realms of bliss,
Ignoring the evils of the world.
As time passed, I grew… curious
of what darkness had unfurled.
Slowly, we grew apart.
I couldn’t let her be tainted by malice
So I tore her out of my heart,
And left her behind in colored ashes.
Education. Plagues my mind.
Reality. Fills my chest with negativity.
The strongest illnesses combined…
Beginning to accept this,
Forgetting what I miss.
I achieve the expectation of others
Being a people pleaser.
I am complete, but not content.
Until a weeping child
Visits my dream
holding a leaking *****
Trailing an endless crimson stream.
The sight of abandonment smears her face
As if all hope had been erased.
She cries that I am a vessel that follows society,
Not worthy of a name that defies reality.
Saying that I am fake, on the out,
and inside.
A life of succession is not a lie!
She holds out the bleeding mess before me.
She claims that it can make me free.
My rejected heart.
She points at my voided chest
Says all I need is a restart.
Forget being possessed.
Let my imagination breed,
To build the world I need.
This is Passion.
It has been so long since I have felt compassion.
My heart is fragile. Yes,
But can be strengthen as my castle.
It is easy to bruise. Yes,
But should not be easy to lose.
She makes me,
Since then I carry these words,
‘Don’t leave your true self in the past.
Carry it forward and make your legacy last.’
Silver Raven Mar 2019
Grab a hold of what is precious.
Clench it tight or else you will lose it.
With all your strength and heart,
Do not lose to Restart.
Quick! It’s slipping away!
Oh dear, you have gone astray.
What happened to your shine?
Was it released
To the hands of Time
Soon to be deceased?

But! You have a chance
To fly high
And search wide.
No matter the stumbles
Never give in
Hurry now empty vessel
Get your precious back.
Fill your purpose with
Your true version you currently lack.
Always return to retrieve what’s yours
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