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Limem ALi Nov 2020
Life is a sort of flavors!
Sometimes tastes so sweet,
some others it is just that salt.

Life is a sort of stories!
Sometimes she is the beauty,
other days she is the beast.

Life is a sort of colors!
Sometimes the moon light,
some others turns to an eclipse.

Life is a sort of seasons,
Sometimes warm as the spring,
suddenly freezing and cold just like the winter.

Life is a sort of lenses,
Sometimes the clear vision,
in others turns to blurry.

Life is a like person.
Sometimes it is a friend,
others might turns to a total stranger.

Whatever life is!
Whatever comes between!
It is always one of the two.
Erica Girone Jun 2020
She comes in all flavors
Some comforting
Some sour
Some from suffering
Some from power
Some colorful
And some dull
Some high
And some low
But each one
Makes up the beautiful girl
That I know
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
Are the Five Alive©

Can you see it through...
The fog
The smog
The mist

Can you smell it through...
The fear
The odors
The stench

Can you hear it through...
The noise
The racket
The chatter

Can you taste it through...
The spices
The flavors
The bland

Can you touch it through...
The pain
The sorrow
The concessions

If you’ve made it this far through
The gauntlet known as life

Take a bow  for you are alive with the big five
Sight, smell, hearing, taste and feel are for real

Andreas Simic©
O Criminal
This deceit you leak reeks
Of sour lemons and urination.

O Criminal
This pride you flood smells
Of blueberries and broken dreams

O Criminal
These miracles you bring leave a miasma
Of grape Faygo and suffering souls

O Criminal
The peace I bring leaves an aroma
Of blue raspberry popsicles and lonely depression
This is a poem I wrote from Terezi's view in homestuck. Even if you're not a homestuck fan, I hope you still enjoy!

— The End —