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K Balachandran Sep 2018
Bristling green rice plants,
Make waves reaching the far hills;
Wind’s jugglery spooks!
K Balachandran Mar 2017
The haunted place was a taunt to mind,
was wrapped in a different kind of silence
that felt more like an accumulated absence.

Absence spoke in the words
of disturbing silence
or punctuating meaningless sounds,
all of it choked and evoked a
formless presence bound in itself,
without any point of reference
name or connections,
all erased by some quirk
time played on the turn of events.

What remains is an eerie
absence pointing to aggregated loss
which binds the collective will to express
The ghost's relevance diminished
to mere nuisance, nothing more.
This ghost has no clue where
it belongs or where to attach
still it's a faint movement  between
the shadow of absence and a vague desire
to appear as  an apparition.
Lila Valentine Sep 2016
It's sweater weather, hoodie weather, crush-the-fallen-leaves weather
It's colder weather, bleaker weather, grayer, foggier, quieter weather
It's darker weather, creepier weather, don't-go-out-alone-at-night weather
It's long walks weather, graveyard weather, almost-Halloween weather
It's fading weather, dying weather, eerie, empty, silent weather.

And yet....I've never felt more alive
Guys I'm so ready for Halloween and October and fall you have no idea
I've been ready for the past several weeks
CD Feb 2015
I traded my mind out for him, because I knew he’d have enough to fill the void inside my head.
Turns out I was wrong.

— The End —