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Knit Personality Sep 2016
A shadow person's creeping near:
   I see him creep near by.
He chills me, fills my heart with fear.
   I wish he'd go! or die!

He's hanging, like a hemorrhoid,
   Around.  I don't know why.
(Or maybe I'm just paranoid
   And really really high.)

Amaranthine Jan 2019
I noodled my childhood,
Glued it on some diary
Spooks overflowed
And came out suddenly.

With monarchic wings,
And petal eyes
Gazed back, and pinged.
I succumbed twice.

"Whatever you wrote is a lie"
Confronted one roaring voice
It disappeared in pages again
I started to feel calm, at ease.

I gave it another shot, recalled,
I had seen him somewhere before,
'Did we meet in childhood?'
Question banged on my door

Of course, "No".
I never met him before,
How can I forget,
I never had a childhood!

— The End —