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I saw her every morning on my walk
i always waved back as i passed
she stood there staring never looking down
and waved her hand across the glass

she never saw me waving from the street
the girl was blind, had always been
still i waved back as i passed her house
a wave returned but never seen

I dreamed that she waved back
The girl would wave at me
But, just who was I fooling
Knowing that she could not see

She'd wipe the condensation
It felt so good on her hand
She couldn't look to see me
I was in another land

The girl up in the window
Watching, seeing no one pass
Sitting there in silence
With her hand upon the glass

But every morning as I'd walk by
I would wave to her up there
Sitting, watching nothing
With a red bow in her hair

I know she couldn't see me
She couldn't see me wave
She didn't know about me
Or the smile that I gave

I walk by every morning
Hoping one day that she'll see
Me giving her a gentle wave
And she will wave at me
Bardo Oct 2019
Awash with ***** I peed all over me
Well Storm me if I ain't a bad sea
I'd had a ton of *** and a whole
   barrel of porter
Now the landlord he's shouting "Last
So where's me Crew, me Swabs, me
   Hearties ?
Yea! where's me Aces and me Deucies
.......Nowhere to be seen, not a one,
Just a pack of feckin' Jokers,
Find me the Fox and show me the

I'd drunk too much that's what I'd
Well tie me to the mast and chastise    
  me severely for such unseemly
All I wanted, just some fair company, to be lavished by a couple of lovelies
But No! they wouldn't have it,
   wouldn't entertain me
Snobs! Stuck up cows!! *******!!!
We nearly had a Barney
I'd rather wet me ***** in a Jar of
   cold Jellies.

Standing there outside in the cold
   night air
Trying to get me bearings, yea! trying
   to take a reading
Me Northern Star, he must have
   fecked off to the Northern Bar
And my compass, he's whirling
   around like a Dervish,
Well ***** me sausage in a jar of
   malt vinegar
We're sailing blind tonight me boys
Keep a sharp lookout atop of the
   Crow's Nest won't ya!

And so, we ventured out, a brave man
With ***** as big as the bold Hercules
A wee bit tentative at first I'd concede
Lurching about from side to side, all
   over the place
But not to worry, with me there at the
   helm, both hands on the wheel
Solid and salty as any old sea dog
Singing away to meself a wee shanty
" I'm no landlubber me!
  Just give me the dark and the rolling
Steady as she goes me Hearties!
I thought we was doin' alright till one
   of my feet
It trod in a space with nothing there
   in it
And my Ship it goes tumbling
   sideways over
Hell's britches!!! I'd trod in a pothole
   the size of a manhole
"Man the lifeboats Lads, we're going
   over" I cried.

Next thing I know I'm lying on my
And the Moon she's blowin' me kisses
And at the end of the Bar, there! me
   Northern Star
And Him smokin' a cigar and sippin'
   Brandy with some *******
Looking like a Dandy at Christmas
"Hey Judas!" I shouts over, "where's
   me monkey?"

And then suddenly, this woman, this
   woman out of nowhere
Out of the darkness, this Spectre
An old Sea Witch for sure, by thunder
She starts bawling laughing at me and
   pointing her crooked finger,
Well dent me dagger on a cold
   woman's heart
If she doesn't cut the legs right out
   from under me
Every time she opens her big Gob, the
   squeals of her
Makes me feel two feet tall she does
   with her cruel laughin' & sneery
And her drawin' a big crowd around
(And me! a Giant!!.... a feckin' Whale, a

Well lash me Luger and wake me up
   with a poker
I wasn't wobbling, that was just me
And I ain't lying down here no longer
Heave ** the ropes me lads and haul
   me up me Hearties
Till I stand once more at a proper
Yea! Hoist me up like a mast and watch me sails billow again in the
Watch me belly bulge out and me eyes
   roll around in me head
Now we're back afloat, buckle up me
   sword on me belt
And roll out me cannons
For the name of this ship, if it isn't the
   Great, the "Great Defiant ",
By the two Horns on Hell's Gate
What am I doing here at all in this
   place, with ye folk
I'll wave me ***** at this world, yea! I'll dangle me dibbler
Did ye not hear, did no one tell ye
I'm off yea! I'm off to Australia.


For Sweet Destiny, she visited me this
   night, she kissed me
She came like a gypsy when I was a bit
So exotic with all her bangles and
   beads and her charms
And dresses all the colours of the
With her big crystal ball eyes of grey
Like the Moon she mesmerized me
And then she kissed me with lips
   sweet as whiskey
And she whispered in my ear a magic
   word. " Australia ".

You see this was how it was
I read it some place,seen it somewhere
A sweet wee lass, a fellow girl poet
   from Australia
She said, she lamented " Poetry, it isn't
   very big over here
The people their not inclined, their not
   of that mind"
Said I aghast, I'll change their hearts
Their hardheaded folk, those folk
   down there
It must be the snakes and the spiders
   down the toilet
So hoist me up onto me pulpit
Them heathen folk they need
   convertin' badly.

O! Give me a Ship, give me a Galley
And like Columbus I'll start a big
We'll sail off over the horizon, and
   keep turning on the globe
Till we sight the shores of that Sweet
And that lovely Queen of the South
Beautiful and wonderful Australia!!!

There's gold in their hearts even
   though they may not know it
And jewels in their eyes big as
Treasures by the thousand
So hoist up me trousers boys,
Me! I'm off to Sligo
Wait a minute, No! No I'm not,
I'm off.... off to Australia.

So gimme a wooden leg and hoist me
   parrot up onto me shoulder
Arrrr! Jim where's me
Are ye with me lads
We'll plow through the sharky seas
Then I'll plant me flag on their
And claim this Land for Posey.... yea!
   for Poetry,
And if they don't like it
If they string me up by the ***** and
   spit on me
Sure I'll just smile back at them and
   tell them
"I'm just..... I'm just Jim Dandy".


Alas! It wasn't to be, next morning
   they found me
Upended in someone's garden
The Sergeant he shook me, " What are
   you doing down there? " he said,
"Ahoy there shipmate Sir" says I, like a
   true shipwrecked sailor,
"I had me a dream last night,
I dreamt...I dreamt I were bound,
   bound for Australia.
A bit of fun for Halloween. Always been an ambition of mine to do a wild rip roaring Pirate poem. They have such wonderful free spirited colourful language and you can make up great sayings with great sounds. I think I read on the site here, an Australian writer actually said poetry wasn't all that big in Australia, so that gave me a story to hang this drunken pirate night on. By the way I don't drink like this, not anymore LoL, and I wouldn't advise anyone else to, it belongs to a bygone era now. Hope you enjoy and Have a Happy and safe Halloween! Me Hearties!
Daniel James Aug 2019
a little bit lost again
in between
narrating selves
or just being
from the
of the sea
but everything
At once.
Em MacKenzie Aug 2019
I’m waiting in line, wasting my time
for things that won’t come, though they are mine.
Pretend that I’m fine, should I draw a line?
Don’t wish to run, but I think I’m just done.

Feelings I can’t shake, they keep me awake,
the list has increased, how much more can I take?
With so much at stake, I try not to break,
I miss the sun, but I think I’m just done.

With tired eyes
I’ll still see it through.
Exasperated sighs
in breaths I drew.
I broke the ties,
but I’ve got some glue.
Searching the skies
and looking for you.

I’m waiting so long, maybe I’m wrong
I can’t walk away; my legs aren’t that strong.
Alone in a throng, I still try to prolong,
but it never begun, and I think I’m just done.

The flowing tears
should extinguish the flame,
but it’s been years
and it still burns the same.
Doe eyes sees the fears
and treats it like a game,
then it all disappears
am I to blame?

I’ll wait forever, I’m not too clever,
passing me by, but never say never.
I can not severe this painful endeavour,
I’m always the one but I think I’m just done.
Haylin May 2019
All along
I’ve been looking through
The stained, the pure
The meaning of clear

With a surreal light
Which bends the prism
And frees me from physical
Prison cell

And all along I’ve been looking through
The edge of iron and steel
The wood, the window
The highest ideal

My window
Simpathi Nov 2017
When the war has begun and I stutter a cry,
I can’t even bring myself to voice the word “goodbye.”
I can’t fathom the thought that I’ll never see their immaculate face,
And finally lose at life’s last daring game.

I wave my hand in agony and pain,
Knowing deep inside there will finally be a day,
When I look into the beautiful eyes,
Of the one who turns the lowest of lows into the highest of highs.

I can’t help but recall the happiest days,
When the day would begin and love would so lightly rain.
The drops fall down like a shower of sun,
And reap what is sowed and only begun.

I stand there with shaking legs,
Denying the thought of never seeing them again.
I know they’re happy and enjoying God’s grace.
While I’m still living the pain of life and yearning to see God’s majestic face.
A poem about saying goodbye to a close friend.
2ndBest Jan 2015
Whiskey works in waves
I saw something hazy, a light
Making it's way down to the shoreline
I followed and took two more shots
Along the lakeside
One was to warm me up
And the other to make me believe
I couldn't drown in anything
Beside a body of water
Yet even with my feet
Firmly planted on the beach
My arms flailed above me
I coughed up seaweed
And my flooded lungs
Began to sing a broken chantey
"Take down the mast, o!
Tear down the rigging!
Tell me! Tell me!
What is a life worth living?"
She once waved white cloth but now,
Tears of blue satin fall,
As a girl who once smiled at life,
Cries with the pain of it all.

She once waved blue satin but now,
Drops of red velvet fall,
As a girl who once loved the world,
Sees the hatred that's found in all.

She once waved red velvet but now,
Rags of black silk fall,
As a girl who once had everything,
Begins to lose it all.

She once waved black silk but now,
She waves nothing at all,
As a girl who clung to emotions,
Lets go to watch them fall.

She once waved an empty hand but now,
Another's pulls her inside,
As a girl who sat on the edge of life,
Finds new hope in another's eyes.

He let go of all he cared for,
Let it fall to the ground,
In a desperate attempt to repay the favour,
That kept him safe and sound.

His hands now empty, unhindered,
He reached and offered support,
To a girl he could see had lost more than he dared to think of.

She accepted

He smiled

And both now wave together

Made stronger by fear and trust

— The End —