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2ndBest Jul 2021
I'm funny like a heart attack
You're as pretty as a car crash

We could work like that
2ndBest Apr 2016
the words don't come anymore
atleast not as easily
i  have to pry them out with a crowbar
the rhymes die by the end of the fourth line
im so lazy
ill let my blood drip on the page
then call it writing
2ndBest Nov 2015
the leaves all left

you went west again

i know you can't stand

to see all that death

i don't blame you

those feet belong on the beach

not between frozen lakes

or forming paths over concrete

please don't mind me trembling

my palms are becoming mistakes

you must've felt their fault lines

so here's hoping san andreas keeps you safe

safe and out of the cold

safe from the quakes in my bones
2ndBest Aug 2015
I don't feel like reading words
I'd rather stitch an iceberg
You want a voice underwater

Let's keep going on empty
Breaking in style
The means justify an ending

Blues whites and lit skys
The summer was on fire
We felt it inside

Things fell aside
Cracks give way to more then more
It wasn't deep just murky
And I'm not reading anymore ******* words
2ndBest May 2015
rock bottom isn't as bad as the bottom of a bottle

at least the sediment doesn't bury itself in your bones

as the blood starts to run thin

everything becomes poison with the right dose

but I love how the *** warms you up
and brings you and I closer to us
2ndBest May 2015
Beginning to end again
Head rush
Sheets flutter
Black out
It took all morning to recover

Starting to stop again
Break lines
A clean glass
Burn holes
I'm running and not stopping

I've been gone
Off and on
Trains and highways
Red eyes
Hardwood floors

Knuckles bleeding
A little more
Another hour
One night longer
Almost over

See you soon
Choke on 7 years
Haunted house
Deep blues
I can always feel the storm coming
2ndBest Mar 2015
The reason I quit drinking is the same as why you started believing

There's got to be something more

The reason I quit praying is the same as yours for leaving

There was nothing there

A change in the weather is the reason I stopped breathing

My mind went with the leaves

Blood on the roof is the only reason I'll stop needing you

Holding out until we were more than just blue

Until the color spread all over

We were dead set on getting over these feelings that won't leave

Now I can't stop getting older

You felt like summer was buried in the snow
You felt like heaven
You felt like novacane

You left your mark
You left me hanging from a tree in the backyard

You left me

"We know
Stop writing about it"

She's gone

"Yeah we all know"
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