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Hugo Pierce May 24
Not all dreams are nightmares
but not all nightmares are dreams
Last night I woke up
with the hallway echoing my screams

I saw you with another man
you were happy like you used to be
I told myself it was just a dream
it will not shape my destiny

I swore I would try harder
to be the man you needed in your life
I needed to focus on you
make you happy to be my wife

Today I would bring you flowers
It's wasn't much but it was a start
I thought I would leave the office early
We already spent too much time apart

I couldn't wait to get home
I rushed through the gate
I flung the door open
But I was too late.
Hugo Pierce Mar 27
It is not enough
to be ok
Hugo Pierce Feb 20
Two different people
Too different people
How is one to know?
Hugo Pierce Jan 18
The first time I open my eyes
Each morning, I see you lay there

Quietly sleeping with a mind full of dreams
Undisturbed by my early rise
I surrender to the moment
Enveloped by peace and tranquillity
Radiance gleaming back at me
Only now do I understand the meaning of love.
Hugo Pierce Jan 3
They don't love me
They need me
But do they even see me
Hugo Pierce Dec 2020
Twas a night like this
I might say
that I felt like explaining
if I may
the difference between the sand and the stars
why some planets have water
and some are dry like mars
though some things may be different
some things the same
they are all apart
of this wonderful game
variety is the spice of life mother used to say
bestowing casual wisdom
in her own funny way
though stars and sand may differ greatly
I have examined both
in the dreams I have had lately
the closer you look the more you will see
though the atoms may change
they are no different to you and me
we might all have varying features
but we are not so different
from other creatures
the sea, the sand, the sky and the birds
we each have a home
in this magical universe
Hugo Pierce Dec 2020
As a child
I always used to love the swings
begging my mum
to go higher and higher
flying through the air
the chains crashing about
addicted to that feeling
now I'm only swinging from the ceiling
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