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Hugo Pierce Aug 29
This is not the pain of eternity
It is but the pain of a moment
A moment that will not last forever
Nothing does
Nothing can
But it is in this pain we find what has meaning
To avoid pain is to avoid what it means to truly live
Hugo Pierce Aug 17
I love myself
I love who I am
I love my strength
My courage
My body
All of me
Why does it feel like I'm the only one?
Hugo Pierce Mar 30
I have been in a queue all my life
Waiting in line
Everyone else is waiting too
When I feel like I am getting close
There's another reason to let someone in front
A reason to put other people first
So I stay here
Even when people cut the line
Jump in front and force me back
I tell myself
They must just need it more than me
I don't want to be selfish
But selflessness is getting me nowhere
Hugo Pierce Mar 14
Only now can I say for certain
I am buried alive
How long have I been here
Festering under this dark decrepit soil
Will my body add to your density
I suppose it's only a matter of time
Escape is a futile endeavor
No clear route to the surface
Am I ascending to my salvation
Or digging deeper into despair
There are no bubbles to follow
No sounds to be heard
Nothing but darkness
Hugo Pierce Mar 7
I disconnected from the network.
It's the most connected I have ever been.
10 points if you can work out the title.
Hugo Pierce Feb 15
I am not doing it:
                               For you
                               For them
                               For status
                               For wealth
                               For fame
                               For proof
                               For attention

I am doing it for:
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