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Anya Sep 2018
What is being smart?
I've always wondered
Is it having innate talent?
Or being exceedingly knowledgeable?
Perhaps, having the skills to survive in one's society?
Is it a special skill?
Is it something that can be cultivated?
Is it limited to certain people?
So what is it?
I'd really like to know
jerelii Apr 2015
Write for the heart to speak
Scream with thy soul
Release the unbroken wing
Send it with thy papers feed
Let them be
Let them bleed
As your art is thy *love
Had to rewrite again cause i deleted the first one pressing the wrong button makes you cry T__T but anyways i think it still the same so i had to change something cause the words on my mind was already disappeared.

April 25, 2015

— The End —