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Rachel Julia Oct 2015
I walked in on shaking legs
Hurry away my mind begs

But I decide to leap
Wishing I was sound asleep

Like that last step in the dark
Go ahead do it from the heart

I quietly begin my song,
With luck it will not last too long

After a slow beginning I grow and grow
I smile and soon somehow I know

Their faces are warm like a hot cup of tea
I know they see the improvement in me

They applaud and they smile
Now it’s time to wait for a while
Thank you. x
Rachel Julia Oct 2015
The music wrapped itself around us as
we sang and forgot.
The room had left us.
The paper copies danced away
and we forgot.
Simply perfect music flowed from us,
we were all there together
completely focused and completely mesmerized
and it happened again.
Thank you for reading. x
Poetic T Sep 2014
The words do not flow
Only tunes come forth
Is my vocal love
I will speak
Sting my words together
My vocabulary is vast
I use keys
Do you understand what is said
I will voice it slow
That your ears take it all in
Tears will fall,
As an orchestra
Of sound comes forth,
Emotions will spill
As all is spoken in
Are my language, let them be heard
Inspired by Linsey Sterling
She waits for the right guy?
As I stand there at her side.
I can hear her silent crys,
But she can not hear mine.

Slowly I start to try,
Convince her of the reasons why.
But she still waits,
For that excuse for a perfect guy.

Scared and blistered under my finger nails,
From scratching at my heart.
Is this a sad tragedy?
Or a piece of art?

— The End —