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Zeeyerh Adams Nov 2020
Gold, the cloak of victory,
Imbued with the stench of my cowardice,
Whilst I'm astride a warrior,
Speaks of blood lost to battle.
A sinner in heaven,
A saint in hell.
I ride  with the spirits in the wind,
Hooves beating water,
Seeking just a taste,
Of Valhalla.

Noose snug,
Right at home,
Breaking skin,
Like the cracks that reveal the hell in heaven.
I walk the path of the ******.

Welcome darkness,
Eyes seeing in the blinding madness,
As I lead a journey,
To find heaven in hells eyes,
I walk the path of the saved.

I taste the death,
Before it reaches the ones I slay,
Intoxicating decadence,
Trailing a madness in its wake.

Dawn of Armageddon,
The final in truth,
Red becomes the seas,
As land is fertile of flesh.

I have picked my poison,
In heaven and in hell,
For angels danced to my battle cries,
As I bathed in the blood of the slain.

I am burned,
I am reborn,
Absolved of the mayhem mortality begets.

I ride with my brothers in wind,
Warriors of the north,
Finding home,
In Valhalla.
JL Oct 2020
- Lovely Joy / 22nd September 2020

Unang sulyap mapapasabi kayo ng
"Tara!! Sakay tayo diyan"
At lahat ay naghabulan
Papunta sa pilahan.
Sa simula ay naeenjoy niyo pa  
Pero habang tumataas, buong katawan aayaw na
Sasabihin kay kuya operator na
"Kuya, tamypers muna...",
"Kuya tama naaaaaa..."
At yung taympers na yun, mauuwi sa tiis nalang muna.

Ang dating saya nyo pagkaupo ay napalitan ng takot at kaba  
Ang dating ngiti na kay tamis ay napalitan ng ngiting kay pait.
At ang mga tawa nyo sa mukha ay napalitan ng simangot,
At ang malakas na hiyaw na boses nung una
Napalitan ng pabebeng sambit na "ayoko na."
Sumimple sa isang tabi na tulala at sukang suka na
At sinabing di na uulitin pa
Viking tama na o Viking sige pa?
At sigurado akong sasabihin niyo na
Kapit lang.
basil Jul 2020
when you look in the mirror
i hope you see more than a reflection

i hope you see
hair tangled into nets that trap more than life
deep eyes that sailors are lured to until they drown
soft lips that can calm a hurricane
sloping shoulders that carry the weight of the sea
winding curves that even the finest navigators become lost in
a strong build that intimidates the sharks
and a spirit that can capture the horizon

because that's what i see
everytime i look at you,

my siren
my blue eyed siren, i love you endlessly.

Nikkita Mar 2020
From ice to fire
To land from sea
The deepest desire
Stands carefree
Before the endless
Rides of night and day
Two siblings happy to say
They see him, sorrowful raven, mess
Not a haven in his mind
To appease the lost divine
Yet a stirred soul lies behind
This truth bound by a whine

In chase still alive
A little they smile
No haste given
No sadness forgiven
Left now with the empty sky
Of fully woven worlds
"With our dull ****** swords
We fight to try and lose high
But what of a stray ****
In a forest of boreal trees
Funeral only awaits my plead
To forever cease"
Onora Feb 2020
In the pit of snakes lay Ragnar
Son of Odhinn
The King of Kings
Father of Legends
Blue eyes look to the sky
Snakes bite into his flesh
Saxons Cheer
“Death to the Heathen!”
Hatred in their eyes
As the King smiles and dies
The war has just begun
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
This viking age predates transient faith, en masse, engorge to the glory of hordes.
From these caves of primitive institution,
sanctified orbital backlash is criminal.
Subjects of movements sang to the razing
of tours of plague eating men tasting faces;
feasting kings on cordial phages,
lacking the guilt in their folly of ways
rot subjugate law toward the status of intimate death.
Chris Jul 2019
I fell asleep on ocean shore,
Sharp rocks as my bed,
I don't feel them anymore,
I don't feel cold I must be dead.

The sky split clouds of eden's door,
The stars shine as my eyes,
I lay low strecthed on the floor,
With the silence deep inside.

As the heavens keep on burning,
The machines of men are turning.

Valhalla, how I waited to arrive!
Your ravens and your anger,
Were always in my mind!
Valhalla, realm beyond the world of known,
I am among the dead, I am among my own!

I fell asleep on dragon's tail,
With arrows in my side,
The last of them already sailed,
Leave my lying with a smile.

The rain washes the salty air,
And through tears wind blows,
My fingers ran through golden hair,
Valkyrie please fly me home.

As the world just keeps on turning,
And the human hate is burning.

Valhalla, how I waited for your light!
Your splendor and salvation,
Father Odin in his right!
Valhalla, land of gods, for evermore,
I found my peace in your everlasting war!
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  I hope I don't rest in peace, that I think would be the dullest, most boring death/afterlifeof all possible or impossible afterlives.
Mark Wanless Jul 2019
i felt a kiss
upon my mangled cheek
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