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Iljano lepelblad Oct 2023
With the chain i sit here
Looking everywhere
Wishing to escape the fate
I have been  
Planted on this Earth but never taken care of

Almost being cut off
By the very root of my pain
I now sit here with two
Sprouting free
Wishing them to be
one day, a better me

The only thing that ever mattered
Was love to start
Wishes to be kept
Hate put aside
And standing free
That was all the life promises
But then crashed on that one day
Being touched

By the negativity
And losing the very soul
Of my existence
Black and faded are now my colors
Like the holloween in me
The nightmare only comes
Once and then is Gone
Just like we SAY
It is what it is

Try being me
Can you sense my pain
Can you read through the lines
Of wasted spaces
#twofriends #Pastpresent #New life
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2023
Here i stand once more, wishing and hoping for more, happy with myself and yet missing that one, space, that one place, that's hidden inside.
The flow of life seems slow, seems not there, seems gone...
Again here i stand waiting and walking, moving on with life alone and just at peace, but yet not complete...
Missing is not what it is, wanting is not what it is...
Searching just adapt to the moment and searching in the present and the future...
Only if you understand will i take you , or will i ask you...
If not , searching that is all i can say searching , i hope and pray we meet just that one moment...
Till then searching just not missing...
Self love and hope
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2023
The life that one knows, is not as it always seems.
A moment can be done in a second,
an hour,
maybe a day or
just maybe a year, if you feel any sense of being aware,
you know this to be true, that it is just the life that you know,
But again passing you by can be a second, feel as a day, feeling as a month and just maybe flying by like a year, but still just a moment in time.
A moment in your life...
So see the reborn you have in a moment, a day,a year or maybe

Inner thoughts about how life is different for each an everyone of us
Iljano lepelblad Aug 2021
So again

So again i sit and wait for life to make some sense, how my feelings have become dull, sitting and staring for life to piece it self together, how emotions seem to flow like water down a stream whilenat the end there is no pond for it to be collected or saved, falling of the edge and into the sunset for one last colorfull scene...
Iljano lepelblad Jul 2020
Life is unexpected and life can be cool, depending on your perception don't see it as a fool, unwise or irrational are words we commonly find cruel, of a world which holds no tools,not for the negative, not for the positive and not even for the neutral, depending on the mindset of a body which can be trained or tainted , a soul which is lost or a soul which is found we all stand on hollow ground no matter what the place and no matter what the thought life can be cool or unexpected, as it guides you through the fog which will one day be lifted and the flames of fire which one day will be put out, such is the way to walk no matter your conception or though of life, you will be placed in a grave and one day be lifted as God has said, to which we come back to , life is cool but sometimes really unexpected.
Happy moments in life should not be taken for granted was the inspiration behind this
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2020
As is your heart is the starter, your body is the mover, and your soul the motivator.
As is your mind the placer of thought and deed,
so is yourself the chooser.

Knowing ones self is the center of all knowledge
knowing once self brings you the peace which is as is.
As is sun to darkness
As is sadness to happiness
so is the time and space where one can become as one is,
choosing will lead to either destruction or salvation
life notes
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2020
Why i write

This i write out of my own well being, the moment to share and to stay alive, i have been and always be me in my sense, the world will never understand all of me or try to, that is how it was made to be, the strong survive, the weak die. living in a world where nothing makes sense to you can be a drain and be a bad trip to another life, feelings of ill and feelings of regret, subduing you with ever step forward, ever step back feels like a mile, every thought  becomes a radical illusion, i don't  do poetry because of the fun i get from it or because it is great, its my way of knowing the facts or real emotions being placed in writing, making a world where a viewer can try to understand the real feeling behind it.

Why i write

As day turns clear, when day gets dark, when your mind is open or when it is closed, everything makes sense or no sense at all, words make a time of feeling worth seeing and feeling, take it from the seeds of a tree there are no big impacts when it is planed, but as small as it is the longer is grows the bigger the impact, as is life to us all, take note now or lose yourself,
write now or lose the inspiration or stay silent and never speak again. you decide your fate...

Why i write....
Self healing
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