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Ena Alysopriono Apr 2017
It was more than a year ago
I admitted you were no good
I tried to let you leave my head
And you did
But all good things must come to an end they say
And one short week was enough
to pull me back
I was convinced things were different
We were friends now
Temptation was prevented
by my faithfulness to Someone Else
Until that Someone Else left
and surprise.
You were back.
creeping your way back into my head
monopolizing my thoughts
I tried to remember
You are no good
But every time those six letters
appear on my screen
my heart jumps
a little
So please
Don't talk to me today
if you don't plan on saying Hello
Definitely a little rusty. Emphasis on the 'free' in free verse.
If you want to keep your piece of real estate in my head, you'd better start paying rent.
Damaré M Mar 2015
Your beauty in relation to how warm you make me feel; however, remind me of the reddish-pink sun that illustrates the skies when the air quality is terrible... I want you but I don't need you
Jennifer Weiss Dec 2014
Please don't lie,
yeah it is okay.
I know what I saw,
that look on your face.
And you can't use logic to
There's a point to my knowing,
and that is just the case.
You keep going
at some crazed, lying pace.
Forever unknowing
it isn't okay.
I kept on hoping
You'd see it someday
That look which really scared me away.
some people just are.
oh well.
Meaghan Dec 2014
To understand my mind you must go mad
you must hear the voices in my mind
telling me no, you can't, they hate you
you must remind yourself daily that nothing will ever go your way, you are worthless, you will never live up to expectations.
you must know that you are nothing.
you must be constantly worried, anxiety like no other.
you must be constantly sad, depressed.
you must remind your self to keep living.
you must force yourself
you must try.
you must
*I must
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
Hellraising was my first occupation,
and then I let the Devil step in.

— The End —