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rose May 2020
adjust to the dark
where light,
always seems to shine through
the ideas in my mind
seen in the dark
forgotten in the light
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

your gods have become e-vegetation;
your saints—pale thumbnail icons; to enlarge
their images, right-click; it isn’t hard
to populate your web-site; not to mention

cool sound effects are nice; Sound Blaster cards
can liven up dull sermons, [zing some fire];
your drives need added Zip; you must discard
your balky paternosters: ***!!! Desire!!!

these are the watchwords, catholic; you must
as Yahoo! did, employ a little lust :)
if you want great e-commerce; hire a bard
to spruce up ancient language, shed the dust

of centuries of sameness;
                                            lameness *****;
your gods grew blurred; go 3D; scale; adjust.

Published by Ironwood, Triplopia and Nisqually Delta Review. This poem pokes fun at several stages of "religion," all tied into Eliot's "Fire Sermon," albeit elliptically. (1) The Celts believed that the health of the land was tied to the health of its king. The Fisher King's land was in peril because he had an infirmity (lameness, infertility, it really didn't matter in those days). One bad harvest and it was the king's fault for displeasing the gods. A religious icon (the Grail) could somehow rescue him. Strange logic! (2) The next stage brings us the saints, the Catholic church, etc. Millions are slaughtered, tortured and enslaved in the name of religion. Strange logic! (3) The next stage brings us to Darwin, modernism and "The Waste Land.” Religion is dead. God is dead. Man is a glorified fungus! Long live Darwin! We'll evolve into something better adapted to life on Earth, someday (if we don’t destroy it first). But what do we have now, except a hangover? Strange logic! (4) The current stage of religion is perhaps summed up by this e-mail: the only way religion can compete today is as a form of flashy entertainment. ***** a website before it's too late!  Keywords/Tags: god, gods, religion, saints, icons, images, imagery, update, scale, adjust
Colm Jan 2020
We are not just aiming creatures, but also changing creatures
Ever moving steadily offwards
Acting only when we want to be, or time compels us to be more
Some think, some feel, some find their way in the formidable dark
Some ponder and abhor the sight
But creatures we are nonetheless, in ever undoubted outline
Stark is our contrast
Night is our eyesight
And burning is our ambition bright
An observation with a flicker. Like a candle shedding light. I'm a big JBP fan. But this also seems true to me personally. That we don't just aim at things, but that we adjust our aim based on many things over time.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“He is the ocean in my life while I am a single drop in his. He is the sun in my sky while I am the breeze that goes by unnoticed. He is the moon that guides me at night, while I am nothing but the darkness in his life. Excitement pulsates when he texts, but not a pulse more when I text. For I am just like the other girls he talks to; just one of them when he is the only one for me. Happiness rushes through my veins and nerves feel a gentle tickle in his presence. I feel everything deeply; pain and happiness when it comes to him, while he feels nothing. Sacrificing, asking, encouraging, adjusting and compromising when it’s never the same. He never runs when I slip away, but I stay when he walks away. I feel like I am chasing him; on a constant run for him to care. But he doesn’t care about me, as much as I care about him; and that hurts deeply than I ever thought it would.”

- excerpt from an open letter
Leila Valencia Apr 2018
The night came like to the woman in white like thunder, but it was unlike any dream she had ever seen before.

Nothing could compare to this. Nothing could compare to this scale, this intense freedom.
She kept running
She walked into a kind looking abyss

And still there was a new way of living that tore her away.
From her current reality

What a dream she thought, what a confusing, chaotic dream.

Losing and finding it all
at - once -

She looked up
Wiped the tears and sweat

A thought caught her by surprise,

This is magical beyond all desires.
Just allow change because change can sometimes be incredible.
tobi Feb 2018
i've worn glasses for as long as i can remember
i can't remember the day i got my first pair
hell i don't even remember what having normal vision is like
if i even had it
depression is a lot like that
once you have it
you don't really remember what its like to not have it
i may not have had it my whole life
yet it sure feels like forever
but thats a thing i've adjusted to
like my eyesight
with a new pair of lenses
has anyone lived a 20/20 life?
Colm Jan 2018
Welcome change
Embrace its embrace
And you will grow new
In spite of the length
Of your shadowy face

Because long is the short
Of the time in this place
And though changes are made
At a self-perceived pace

We are meant to endure
We are meant to take place
Would you welcome the change?
In all of it's uncomfortable embrace
Wow... Deja Vu - It's like I've written this before
K G Jan 2017
My chin is ****** in the piles of plastic cups
After nibbling myself out, the tables are bused
Onward unlatching, mussed my steady cause-
she was seducing my balance, I had to adjust
She dented concrete when sussed
She saw my incision and continuously cut
She saw my face when her description didn't fit
To be weak, anemic, and homeless I admit it
Now that my leash is leaking out of the tub
I'll remain spiraling like when in cuffs
If distance can be maintained then relation be sustained
With sincerity of heart real balance can be attained
With mutual trust and respect objective can be  obtained
This is how lost glory by people can just be regained

Great people and great nations are product of real trust
All rascals and mean like watery bubbles are to burst
Polluted minds are to rust ,with being notorious go to dust
Blessed ones are rewarded meanest are required to adjust

Let us march on the path which is for honest  leads to glory
This is the only approach which from servitude makes free
For sheer honest action we never ever need to have valid plea
Men with clean and clear actions should definitely be pretty

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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