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  Aug 2020 Anonymistress
The poetry isn’t in all these words —
It’s in knowing I survived them.
Holy smokes! Thank you everyone for all of the support! I don’t come here too often so I did not expect this; what a beautiful surprise ♥️
  Aug 2020 Anonymistress
rose hopkins
Here she is,vivacious yet
despite the years of self neglect
She wears it well,she stood the test
she earned her badge of self respect.
Quiescent in her dormant state
the potential yaw she may create
she journeyed forth towards her fate
and the road remains the same.
BLT's word of the day challenge .Been rather busy this week so this contains three daily words "vivacious " "quiescent" "yaw"
  Aug 2020 Anonymistress
eleanor prince
a fog of uncertainty
or mist of opportunity

discouragement of the fearful
passion of the pathfinders

boredom of the erudite
opportunity of the ready

despair of the overcome
pride of the calm conqueror

crumbling of the thoughtless
savvy of the thinker

rebellion of restless seas
wisdom of the calmer waters

coarseness of the unmodified rocks
refinement of a rare diamond sage

repeating dirge of the pessimists
excitement of the optimists

shock of the confronted
pragmatism of the realists

dissatisfaction of the takers
fulfillment's flame in the givers

empty shell of the ever selfish
and balm of those who

to the bewildered
smile kindness
In response to Joey's lovely, timely poem: 'Seeing is Believing'

There are many variations in the responses to modern life of those around us, especially to the daily bombardment of the news of 'mass disabling confusion and denial' or the 'barely contained hysteria' observed in reactions of many to an actual or even perceived foe. These altered societal parameters are proving to be a challenge for some, a way to shine for others.  The choice is for us to make, perhaps with a change in outlook for the best outcome, hence I wanted to share the reality and opportunity of our day...
Anonymistress May 2020
And suddenly my entire
truth unraveled.
Every memory that
invaded my subconscious
had taken over.
And my life appeared
as a sad novel.
I'm sinking.
...and I've lost my breath
Anonymistress May 2020
Some days I chase these views and I watch the world pause. I get to take it all in for a moment. Some days it heals me, other days it reminds me that I'm simply running from my own reality. That's when I recognize how unhappy I've been.
Functionally depressed.
Anonymistress May 2020
Because at the end of the day I crave it all. I want laughter, affection, friendship, and love with one person. But when I let my guard down and I try to be myself, I feel like I'm too much and not enough all at the same time.
I want to feel wanted.
Anonymistress May 2020
Stop hesitating,
Only giving up a glimpse of your love.
Stupid fool,
Don't you know I adore you?
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