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I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for your time when there wasn't a beer in your right hand.
-to my father
-and to the boy I thought was a man
Anonymistress Mar 31
You bring out the best in me. I find myself challenging all my own fears, head on. I admire your independence, it's contagious. You've shown me to be proud of the person I am. And to never stop working on the person I want to be.
What you taught me, a reminder to open my eyes and recognize what I'm capable of. But now you're gone. And I've learned to be my own inspiration.
Anonymistress Mar 30
Unable to trust that you won't be cruel to my heart.
Waking to the thought you'll pass from sight once more.
...and stay
Anonymistress Mar 29
"Do I have to," he inquired.
My answer is simple.
I will never force anyone to feel required to be apart of my life.
I want someone who craves my company as I crave theirs.
I want effort.
I want to be wanted.
You miss the way he treated you.
Not the way he treats you.
Anonymistress Mar 28
Never take forgranted the days you feel proud of yourself.
Soak it in, you've earned it.
You've worked your absolute *** off and you deserve to smile at the thought that this moment, couldn't get any better.

Because other days are harder.
Because other days you compare yourself to everything around you.
The hard days can bring us down.
But don't forget how far you've come.
Don't forget what got you there.
Effort. Patience.
Anonymistress Mar 25
Indecisive ; Contradicting
I go hand in hand.
Anonymistress Mar 25
I'd rather not know.
I'd rather shut you out.

Not because I dont care,
but because the thought of you living your best life, happy, is enough.

Enough to spare myself the heartache of watching you walk away one more time.
I can't let you in, not anymore.
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