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Andrew Jul 2023
a child
whose parent
was absent

found life
a mystery
the past
so unpleasant

when lost
they wondered
this world
their feelings
were transparent
Andrew Mar 2023
I’m a chemical
that’s been put
by a downward
of poor
Andrew Feb 2023
If only I knew back then
You were a lesson in love
I would have studied harder
Andrew Feb 2023
You never know
how lonely
you really are
your on your own
Andrew Feb 2023
You are the girl
That I once knew
Who wore shiny clothes
With brand new shoes

You are the girl
That had piercing eyes
Which told a story
Spoke a thousand lies

You are the girl
An angel from heaven
What came to earth
But never learnt her lesson
Andrew Feb 2023
I lay in bed
Staring at the ceiling
Watching the shadows
Appear from my head

You are the scar
That doesn’t quite heal
Like an open wound
Which I can still feel

Where are you now
Out there on your own
In another world
Where you can’t be found
Andrew Feb 2023
I tried and I cried
same time every night

I used everything
to numb my head

from the smoke
to the drink
I closed my eyes
to help me think

you were here
but you left me

so who is this
who’s laying
in our bed
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