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Daniel May 2019
Places untouched by human beings
will cease to exist
for the human kind
will never stop destroying.

irsorai Apr 2019
Emptiness crippling the walls,
Steps dragging the shallow bodies.
It's been too long since it was spoken,
& words feel as broken as scarce touches.

Call my name,
I've been lost in my thoughts.
Copyright © irsorai
03/04/2019 - 7:22pm
Lynnia Feb 2019
I have a curious kind of heart
The kind left untouched by all but a kindred spirit
Felt undone and they don’t want to hear it
Synthesize joy but don’t dare go near it
Maybe the breeze thinks I’m flawless
But deep in my mind, it’s a perfect kind of lawless
Take away my thoughts, I’m poor and I’m jobless
But the cycle churns on and I don’t have the guts to stop this
I’m fighting underground, fighting underground
They don’t listen to my sound, listen to my sound
I fear what I can’t hear
If the darkened voice drew near, I’d disappear—
Oh, disappear
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
      the moon
               look to
                  be a far
                      cry from
                           a smile!
   the untouched
       Moon isn't the
            the only one
                         There­ are
                            many more
                  ­                     ones are
                                         closer by.
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
“Don’t let my name be the lyric to their cacophony of laughter. Don’t let me be the ridicule that your friends crack upon. I don’t want them to sip on our memories turning them into a hip story. So don’t give me away to their tongues that let my name slip ever so flippantly. Seal me in your heart where I would be untouched. Embed those memories in your mind as though they were sacred. Let my name be unknown and our stories untold. Let us be concealed for we are much more than the pleasantry gossip of their conversation” she said softly as she put down the phone.
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2018
He thinks he knows me
Like a book he reads.

But God, must I feel
For the metaphors,
The magic, the depth
And the world between the lines
Left unseen...

-- Eleanor
mint Dec 2017
i think of what i was looking forward to this season
most of it was you
untouched promises of kisses under the mistletoe
we were too far away to pull through
shattered remembrances of my love are swirling in my brain  
something i bet doesn’t happen to you
heartbreak is the flavor this season
it always has been but now i can add onto the list of reasons

Falling in love with you was something I shouldn’t have done
Lillian Harris Jun 2017
I cry and care
Too much;
My heart
Is a thing
To be left
Perri Jun 2016
twohundredthirty days
with no touch
skin to skin
the things I would do
the money I would pay
oh how I long for the warmth
in any way
let me in
or let me die soon
with no kin
being so untouched
I consider a sin
could be as simple as
a brush of my hair
or a stroke of my chin
because no human contact
is a loss
not a win
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