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Humaira Fatima Dec 2019
Our Souls
Are in


It reflects in
Humaira Fatima Sep 2019
I started walking
towards my destiny.

No.... ,

I did not take the wrong turn.
I just took the only path
that I had not known
I was meant to walk.

Little did I know,
I was destined for love.

On my way
I was given a gift.

I just chiseled it,
Contoured it...
And it took the
Shape of you.

You, my dear,
are my Haven.
And your love
is the only path
I travel.
Humaira Fatima Sep 2019




But for you



  Sep 2019 Humaira Fatima
You tell me
To follow
My heart
I ask you
Which piece
Lost and confused
  Sep 2019 Humaira Fatima
She kissed him
With question marks?
While he kissed her
With "quotations"
And together they became
a run on sentence...
It never ends.
Humaira Fatima Aug 2019
We are in love...
Like the sun and the moon.
Chasing across the welkin,
complimenting each other.
I only shine because
You are there.
No amount of darkness
can overshadow our love.
It will only paint me beautiful
Like one of yours.
The eclipse is proof enough
that the Crazy Impossible
Love like Ours
Humaira Fatima Aug 2019
O Sir, dear Sir

Don't mind the dirt

on my shoes.

For I've been

running with the pack.

For I have fallen but

I kept going,

And I kept climbing.

Until I reached the heaven

where I lost my breath,

but I found myself.

The dirt on my shoes

is a proof enough

that I came a long way,

that I never gave up.
Wrote this after a long hike to a place breathtakingly beautiful.
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