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It was so abrupt
Like a string being snapped -
Like a door being slammed -
Like a voice being shut -
An unforeseen slap
It was
a ledge too short
a goodbye too soon
a sudden break -
- **** -        
my heart aches.
Being frozen in shock and then frantically looking for answers - that's how it feels when something we care about ends so suddenly.
We all need closu-
Nylee Apr 2020
every word written
      neat, tidy and messy
leaves a feeling behind
      it fills the void of my mind
a great respite as any
      never satisfactory
it always ends way too soon
       it feels abrupt enough
the weather is not the same
       humidity is in the air
Hard to accept that this too shall end
         I keep the book back in the shelf.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Our love was one of the hottest star
what happened?our love is now so far
You were the chief that changed my perspective in love, truly bizarre
You're the heavy metal song that keeps my heart active my true rock star

But, **** happens you changed suddenly
You treat me like somebody, you were uncomfortable
I treat you like my own but now you’re treating me like nobody

You left me hanging
Now I'm crash landing
But what I feel is continuously expanding
And no one can stop me from echoing your name, indeed it looks embarrassing

You left me without saying goodbye
Nor giving me any alert signs
I know you won't return or change even just for little
But I know what you’re feeling and I know that it’s true,
because that’s exactly what I feel for you.

A love that suddenly changed
That last time our love is in exchange
Now I'm the only one at range
And you, you decided for your love to change.
Your love just changes that quick and I don't know what was your reason but I'm hoping that you're just trying to hide your feelings maybe just maybe.
Brooke Olthouse Jan 2019
Together we                                
                              ­ Bonded and Paired
Everything we                          
                                    ­Shared                               For each other we                                                                 Cared, Dared,    
When I was
To you I would      
You always knew what I                      
Best friends we had
Never imagined you I would
My­ heart was
                       We were 14+ Years
What went so
Wishing u were here on this sad day  
To take all my pain away
We were best freinds. It was you andme! We were us, not those other stupid prep girls and when you got the chance you left me.  Just expressing that after 14+yrs and all of a sudden being treated like a ghost doesnt feel very good. You Wil forever have a spot in my heart
Oskar Erikson Oct 2018
it just keeps escaping me.
when the candles burnt out so too I expected the shadows.
but after the heartache I still feel the burn of no goodbyes and hellos.
still I feel the lack of care
I feel something that wasn’t ever there.
tell moon
reverent planet
zebra dies
with lots
of often
lost clothes
there with
clean stripes
of vibrant
news and
laid by
scholarly rouge
well in
his shoes
that ramparts
were so
very mule
a love of law
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Don’t touch.
Please don’t touch
I can’t
I won’t.
You will.
I won’t.
Show remorse.
Ride your horse to victory
You scoundrel,
You mongrel,
You monger of fear!
I was complete,
But then you appeared.
I should just…
Who are you?
I will save you.
But how?
Because I love you.
Then I will destroy you.
I don’t want.
I don’t like.
I’m a shell
I'm a shell
J C Dec 2017
Naive wedding vows
under a towering tree
ends childhood ardor
A playground romance, an abrupt end, and an ensuing haiku.
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