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diancsl Oct 2020
I poem your name
With longing
In sadness
Am i still standing
At the gate of dawn
If you are the sun I wait for
Which is still dark
Wrapped in the wings of the night
Say O my longing
Between dense sky and the sea
Hugging each other secretly
You are coming to me
diancsl Mar 2020
This longing glows like fireflies
Give me sweet love
As big as the world
The mystery of life
That you have written for me
Like a buttetfly looking for honey
Once I taste
Your extraordinary love
My song in each petal flies
Into the sky
And I will give you my all
Although I cannot say it
My soul touches your soul
diancsl Feb 2020
Staring at the moon and the sun closely
She open the dreams of the forgotten night
Beauty is painted on her palm
At east gate the light rises
The king walk with his wands
And the dark turns to light
When the dreams sing their song
diancsl Nov 2019
Come close to me like the sun
When the sky admires honesty
When the blue dawn calling for his victory
Write your name on the air
And I paint my heart over there
My feet will run in the spring mountains
Bring me sweet morning
Like the dew blown by the wind
Hold my hand, dance me
'Till the face of the moon falls over the pond
This song is for you
Oh an anonymous journey
Just kiss my face softly
With your gaze
diancsl Aug 2019
the melt of full moon
falls over the hue of the ocean
soul poetry spilled
on the question page
glass masks began to read
diancsl Jul 2019
In the room of longing
I complained
Draw me a heart
Your language is lost in the translation
I surrender
diancsl Apr 2019
The night and the seekers
Waiting for the light
To give a name to a longing

~ dian casile
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