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Bellamy Nieto Oct 2020
Child: hey ma my freinds said they asked about the honey
Mum: Are you drunk?
Child: no
Child: is not alchool its hinoney ma hon
“Misscall from Mum”
Mum: R U @ stacy’s house?
“Misscall from Mum”
Child: Im at a beach a lake or iidkthe car
Mum: Answer your phone!
Mum: who is with you?
Child: can you come pick em uip
Child: me up
Child: i wan go hoke now
Mum: Yes baby just answer your phone we can figure out where you are
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
“Child could not be reached”
This is a poem that uses a code word to let the mum know the child is in trouble. The mum knows right from the moment "honey" is mentioned that the child needs to be picked up and taken out of whatever situation they are in.
Haley Protega Sep 2020
My lover has a scar
Just above her hipbone;
It's not a small ****,
a forgotten accident.
They're words -
Straight lines she etched

I trace my fingers softly,
Not to wake my love,
But I can't soften their bite.
Words of cruel warning,
An order, imperative.
Commanding, even faded,
Echo a silent scream.

They mock me, mock us,
For they still have a hold:
She is only half mine.
They hurt me, cold,
Like unblinking eyes,
Knowing that she stares back
Every day.

I barely brush them,
Intruders on soft skin,
Indelible scripture
Of darkness within.

And they keep whispering:
don't eat.
Words never said
Only written down
Never seen by anyone
Never noticed
The smile on my face
It's only fake
My happy attitude only comes from force
Leave it to me
To see a tool
A box cutter
And only think about stealing the blade
Not for cutting a box though
Written words
Words unspoken
Silence is the loudest scream
Tell that to everyone else
Written words
Not on paper but skin
Written words
Not with ink but blood
Scars forming
Never to go away again
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Carl m Sep 2020
My palms are cold and ******
Your name stains my tongue
I prefer sleeping with my eyes open
Bloodshot eyes and boiling skin
I can’t believe they let you out
Randy, Was it worth the laugh
Does my blood still stain your hands
Do you close your eyes and remember me
I want you to feel the pain you drove into my veins
The smile you craved into my brain stains my teeth
My smile likes yours I no longer know myself
My childhood smells of tears and blood
But all you cared about was a rub and some ***
Using a woman as your toys, you see them as objects
You see me as an object no longer will I be yours
Randy, was it worth the laugh you had that night
Before the cops came and shocked your night
Shocked your life and made your night a living hell.
My brain still screams in agony at the sight of your name.
Hello, I'm new to publishing my poetry places, please leave feedback, and constructive criticism.
Lucía Aug 2020
in the darkest of my nights,
in the worst of my days,
the only thing that i could control
were the calories i ate
and the numers on the scale
Chris Calkins Jul 2020
i'm stuck in this bomb of a body;
heels pressed into the knowledge
that things will always go wrong.
finger cocked on the hair-trigger that is my mind;
whether the blast will go inwards or out no one knows.
either way, the result will hurt everyone close
to this disaster that is me and myself;
the only thing  i can be trusted to do
is sabotage my health -
i fail on purpose at everything else,
Note: This was written 8 months ago. I was in an abusive situation, and I'm out now. Things still aren't great, but it does get a little better from here on out.
Chris Calkins Jul 2020
i feel like someone
is trying to pry open my ribcage
with a crowbar
like the doors to a closed bar
ready and wanting to drink in the rage
sitting in my heart

the only question is:
will they reach it before I die
and anger flows out of my body
on the wings of relief?
Hennessy 5260 Jul 2020
So you accidentally cheated,
***** a young girl to death,
Preying on other's wives
Stole your employer's cash

Committed several atrocities,
You were all smiles till you got caught,
Someone got to your head,
It's witchcraft

So you play the victim
The demons were at play
Beg for forgiveness
While you blame it on the devil.
Carissa Lee Jun 2020
Residential Treatment
it isn't what I thought it'd be
I don't know what I had in mind
Perhaps a place to heal,
a place to unwind

But we delve into my conciousness
Past the men who toyed with me
and past the things you'd done to me,
further till my blood ran cold
two figures
a child
a man
my hand in his
as they walk down the corridor
masked by darkness
I dared to cast a glance at him
My eyes returned to the hardwood floor
He opens the door
A dark room, I'm filled with dread
my stomach drops

And then it stops
We're driving home
back in your memory
In your truck,
the place where you hurt me
Your vile touch
Black eyes of greed
Why do I feel safer,
here in the arms of a predator
than where that man took me?
EMDR really brings out a lot of blocked memories, it isn't easy but I've been fighting this battle forever and it's time I take my life back. It's time we all decide to live, not just survive.
ari Mar 2020
your filthy hands
           gripped on my jaw,
your grimy fingers
                      forcing my mouth open
                            treated like a dog who won't let go of a shoe
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