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Jun 2020
Residential Treatment
it isn't what I thought it'd be
I don't know what I had in mind
Perhaps a place to heal,
a place to unwind

But we delve into my conciousness
Past the men who toyed with me
and past the things you'd done to me,
further till my blood ran cold
two figures
a child
a man
my hand in his
as they walk down the corridor
masked by darkness
I dared to cast a glance at him
My eyes returned to the hardwood floor
He opens the door
A dark room, I'm filled with dread
my stomach drops

And then it stops
We're driving home
back in your memory
In your truck,
the place where you hurt me
Your vile touch
Black eyes of greed
Why do I feel safer,
here in the arms of a predator
than where that man took me?
EMDR really brings out a lot of blocked memories, it isn't easy but I've been fighting this battle forever and it's time I take my life back. It's time we all decide to live, not just survive.
Carissa Lee
Written by
Carissa Lee  21/F/Wouldn't you like to know
(21/F/Wouldn't you like to know)   
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