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Winnalynn Wood Apr 2021
It was an unexpected travesty
While I sipped on my Paris tea

Black and swirling in the creamy cup
The melancholy inside wasn’t made up

The touches shared never to be replayed
A pen left wordless on the splotched page

The story of us dwindled and ended
I’ll yearn the soul I lost and befriended

It stains the wanderings in my heart
Restless longing never to depart

Will she look at you the way I did too
Or with her smile is your gaze anew

Amongst any spoken tendril I have to say
You’ll ignore it regardless, keep it at bay

No matter wherever I beg and try
Forever I’ll be pinned as the bad guy

Your friends affirm it without any doubt
The words you spill attract gallons of clout

And even with a vine of knowledge to prove
They’d pry and spy ‘til nothing’s left to prune
Whilst drinking my daily cup of Harney and Sons Paris tea I imagined this scenario. The heartbreak of being replaced is shattering indeed.
Chris Calkins Jul 2020
i feel like someone
is trying to pry open my ribcage
with a crowbar
like the doors to a closed bar
ready and wanting to drink in the rage
sitting in my heart

the only question is:
will they reach it before I die
and anger flows out of my body
on the wings of relief?
Maja Feb 2020
I wonder, sometimes why,
why do we wonder, why do we pry
into matters that don’t matter
and into places, we shouldn’t be

I wonder why,
why do we wonder why
when the stars will stay the same in the sky
even after we’re gone,
no one will even hear our goodbye
So I wonder,
why do we wonder why
Destiny C Jul 2018
Such a typical rehearsed line . . .
But, I tell myself exactly what to say,
If a stranger ask if I'm okay.
I don't like it when people try to pry,
because I won't open up even if I'm going to cry.
The pain I hold inside is personal to me,
it's too dark and scary for me to let others see.
So to everyone I say , "I'm fine"
yet I know I'm poisoned swine.
ryn Aug 2017
pry the night sky open

let bathe the earth in subtle light

pry open the doors to my heart

let love spread with surety and might

Aaliyah Montaque Dec 2016
Have you heard the sea cry...
you have the destruction it can bring.
Silent yet deadly.
But have ever heard it cry.
Pry, pry, pry
I have done
but have you ever heard it cry?
It's soft but strong...
the cry of the sea has long been forgotten
Our voice has been lost, we forget how much power we have. We forget that one honest voice is louder than a crowd. That what we say has power. That we can't just watch something happen if we disagree. We have power, we have a say in what ever happens.
cait-cait Nov 2016
You pretend to zip your lips like
there's even a secret to spill,
as if i couldn't pry open
your mouth like a four
day old rusty paper-
off an
i was so angry when i wrote this but now im so sad..,,,... christ this is a mess

— The End —