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Sophia Jan 2019
If you have to ask, "Why me?"
When you're feeling really blue.
When the world has turned against you
And you don't know what to do.
When it pours colossal raindrops
And the road's a winding mess.
And you're feeling more confused
Than you could ever express.

When the saddened sun won't shine
When the stars never align.
When you'd rather be
Hanging by your neck on a tree.
i have nothing to say here.
Geanna Jun 2018
I was feeling down
I was not thinking
I was listening to them
I was being stupid
Now i've changed
I'll never, ever do it again
I'll get better, I promise
~ G.P.O
I wrote this after one of my suicide attempts.
Arke Jun 2018
I confess.
I have killed a man
who I love deeply

he was driven as the sun
and passionate as a storm
but now he is a sailboat
a vessel waiting for wind

years ago, when we had nothing
but each other, cuddled up
on an air mattress in the middle of a room
I was happy

he died five years ago
those hazel eyes I so adored
with green flecks strong as a rainforest
are now clear cut

was it my finger on the gun?
did I tie the perfect knot of a noose?
leave medication next to the alcohol?
...was it really me? how did I do this?

we have grown so far apart
that I barely remember
the boy who lit my heart ere long ago
who I kissed in the art room
next to my paintings
and I thought he was more beautiful
than any work of art ever could be

I see his shadow sometimes,
only when we're on vacation and he
wanders through trails holding my hand
once again young, shy, playful

and gone again so soon.
Can you love someone who hasn't sparked a fire in you for a decade? How? Asking for a friend.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

The winter is haunting soon.
I embrace the darkness beneath the moon.
I am all done wishing for the sunshine to stay.

All I want for Christmas is,
A place I can just give the whole thing a miss.
To me it’s just another day of misery.

When snow is falling all around, moods can swiftly change,
But mine will always remain down;
For I am helpless in my own self-pity and I will always feel this way.

Dark thoughts are all I keep inside my head;
The nightfall is no longer a friend I know.
Love is my enemy, because love is dead;
All the questions I ask receive a negative reply…no.

Can I be loved?  Can I learn to trust?
Will I ever live a long and happy marriage, or will I never become us?
There are many questions that will never be answered;
Of that I am sure.
Circumstance took my only chance at redemption,
From a life I must endure.

I can tell no lie, nor can I swear a pact;
But at least I can criticize my life of lies,
Because I know exactly what I feel about that.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
MU May 2017
When you feel lost
With no intention to be found again
Because those who are looking
Will lose you
The moment they find you

Yet you have to choose
Between two tough options
One in which the content is good
But the context is bad
And the other one vice versa
Only that neither option
In addition to their difficulties
Have guaranteed outcomes

When you are surrounded by people
Who on top of your depression
Make you feel more depressed
And you can't do anything about them
Because people change hard

The guilt
The internal rejection
The misery
The pressure

And then you wonder
What all that does to you
Being constantly in struggle
And not knowing
When all this will stop
Although you know it won't
Because it is related to people
And people change hard
There must be a solution, because its impossible to go on like this..!
Brandon Mar 2017
{Set I: Brandon}
The season must turn, turn, and turn
Our pain and love will turn, turn, and turn
There's a time to heal
There's a time to feel
The pain is not everlasting
But to build up
We must break down
So take my hand and rise up
Let me wipe those tears and frown
We shall not **** and not even seal
We will gain
But for that we must lose
We will make peace
I promise you it is not too late
If you're ever feeling down, then just read this poem and think of the things that make you happy and be grateful that your life isn't worse than it could be!
Styles Sep 2014
I've come to see,
This daylight adrift; amidst.
Refracting my joyless abyss.
Shadows of doubt linger; restless.
Misleading my moral compass,
Distant places that shouldn't exist.
Darkest corners of a timeless eclipse.
The more emotions I emit.
This cloud's progress persist.
So remise, I dismiss fears that are amiss.

— The End —