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Sally A Bayan Aug 2018
We are all planters and sowers
in this huge field...where seeds
of graces and blessings, as well
as trials and tribulations (i call
them weeds), are strewn in all
places...made to help
shape and strengthen our faith,
character, our emotional stamina...
all these seeds and weeds, paint
our earthly existence with bright
and darkened hues: blue, gray, black,, purple, yellow ochre, bronze,
and countless other colors of the universe.
it seems, we human beings are born with
coloring books, bearing our's up
to us to paint them on canvas, or in words's up to us, to bring light to our own
darkness, or,  to make them blacker than
a starless midnight......maybe an ebony
horizon to those blinded by stubborn beliefs...

truths that weren't perceptible then,
are much more visible and vivid now
i recall...when troubles piled up then,
i forgot to analyze,

i saw small alleys, when there were
wider didn't occur to me,
i must have the search...

i saw crowds, when there was much
space on this earth...failed to realize
that there were lessons to learn from
crowds, that i could create better space,
that these weeds also bring graces...

while looking at the atmosphere, my
eyes, my mind were totally eclipsed,
almost blinded...seeing only dismal skies,
when there could've been sunlight,
if i wanted to...within myself, or around
me...regardless, if it was stormy outside.

i could've created a gap from grief
i forgot that, light and dark take turns
...come what may.....they alternate...

much lessons and wisdom were gained
from younger is true...
we cannot change what we've started
yet, we can begin where we are right now
and create a different ending...


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    August 16, 2018
"You can't go back and change the beginning,
  but you can start where you are and change
  the ending."        
    -----by C. S. Lewis
Sally A Bayan Apr 2017
Earth days are a mix
moments may be dim...eclipsed,
rays are speared....ellipsed...


Copyright April 11, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
cyanide skies Aug 2015
I looked for a good morning
under a sky that didn't feel right
the meteor showers can't end
just because night has
and daylight has broken
broken out
of the chrysanthemum cage
the starry starry night
had put in place
and when my good morning eclipsed
into a wilted noon
I decided to wait
wait out the day
and it slipped right by me
so I looked for a good night
and the night wasn't
as starry starry
as it had been before
but the meteors were still there
awaiting my delicate eyes
and when I saw the trail of fire
I knew I'd receive
a beautiful good morning.
m Jul 2014
i don't deserve the stars
in your eyes and the electricity in
your smiles. you are a
thousand watts, composed with
all the atoms that make
up me; you are the rays of sun in
my silver linings; and me?
i'm just the moon, caught in between
an eclipse of life and death. sigur ros - hoppipolla

— The End —