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phocks  Nov 2014
Weeping Willows
phocks Nov 2014
a warm dawning sun
rises slow on hazy horizons
with winds wildly
down endless
interconnected currents
we wake up
to birds singing
timeless songs of morning
and our forgotten past
leaves us hanging
like willows weeping
in the rain
from this year's nanowrimo novel
Weeping Willows was selected as the daily poem November 10, 2014
Lennox Jones  Jan 2015
Lennox Jones Jan 2015
even after all this
time it's still like
the very first
Nalini  Oct 2014
Nalini Oct 2014
It is time
To give yourself up.

Abandon all struggle,
Thoughts, worries and hopes.

It is time
To be Silent.

Be as heavy and still
As the highest mountain.

Be as light and serene
As the delicate flower.

It is time
To listen.

Listen in pure silence
As if trying to hear the voice of the sun
Rising at dawn.

Listen to the one who hears
And rest in this
Timeless equanimity.
Feb. 18, 2011
Ilion gray Jun 2014
I catch a trillion tiny
Universes in my palm,
They crash and burst
Atomies or angel's
Crossing the endless
To escape heaven.

Mothers body was a graveyard
A temple disowned by god.

There are slashes on her
Legs and arms
The kind the devil gives
Crawling he squeezed in through
The cracked corners of her
Where there are frozen moons
And regret lives,

I heard her speak
with the most ancient
Of ancients
The faceless one
Who gave us breath,
He whispers loud as thunder
In an unspoken language,
Her blood clings to bone
Her body still as stone,
Though her mind has left,
Lost to wander,

How intimate
her walk
With death.
K Balachandran Jan 2016
From the green hill, blows downwards
a wind, gently titillating the languid trees
of this dense forest,the rustling of the leaves create,
an impromptu tune, proving they are taut strings,
yielding willingly to the sensual fingers of the wind.

Super moon,while raising, listens keenly awhile
as if she had never heard one like this before.
The wise silver owl, sitting on the high branch
keeping account  of every stroke of night,with an imaginary wand,
as the conductor, catches the emerging mood that seethes
within the million pieces of orchestra that gently merge,
get exhilarated, finds a pause to punctuate it with a timely hoot,
the moment freezes, falls in to the repository of time for keeps.
Hollow Bones  Mar 2014
Hollow Bones Mar 2014
An infinite amount
of ticking
on the clock.
As it does not matter
the numbers passes,
as metaphors
are timeless.
Sridevi  Oct 2010
Sridevi Oct 2010

Framed within
its deceitful frame
time stood still
undecided... between...

these tear drops
flowing within its
raged hollow corridors

... melting that frozen rage
into countless tears.

The defunct hands
stood still...

...a mute testimony...
...to Kala's timeless dilemma..

Kala - time
Yan  Aug 2015
Yan Aug 2015
And till we've seen the last of forever,
Till we've reached the ends of far
My love for you will cease never
Even there will be no shining star
And if my life here is over
I'll grasp all hopes and chances
To be reborn and relive our life together
To resound this love so *timeless
Senor Negativo  Sep 2012
Senor Negativo Sep 2012
Fingers interlaced,
Lips chained together,
Bodies bound
In a tangle of limbs.
Back from the future,
Face to face with the past,
Present tense exists and lasts.
You stop all the clocks with your stare,
I look into your eyes, and see eternity there.
I know that this need will never end,
We can see around the bend.
The time I spend with you is
Mostly numb  Mar 2014
Mostly numb Mar 2014
everyone's killing time and i just want to spend time with you
Walter W Hoelbling  Mar 2015
the clouds of cloudland
cast a light of pastel slate
through dripping windowpanes

and as if in a dream
we move and touch
I feel your loving lips
take in all that is yours
all I can give to you
in this enchanted moment
we carved
   in sudden desperation
out of the marble stream of time

           * *
Drake Alexander Apr 2015
As you age your skin may wrinkle
But my love for you never wanes

Your eyes still have that twinkle
And your beautiful smile remains
This is a work of fiction
Vanessa Evans Dec 2015
stop trying to
keep the time
with a
broke watch.
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