Abdullah Ayyash Dec 2017
Throwing happiness away
Became addicted to sadness
I climbed and still climbing
I fought all kind of madness
There is no point to keep going
If you just pretend you're careless
I know you have something to say
After all the years of silence
I know the river can smile again
And skies can rain rightness
I know the sun can warm my heart
But only you can make it timeless
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
December 26th, 2017
If I could meet you again for the first time,
I would.
10 times over
And every time,
I would choose you.

If we met at the park,
it would be autumn.
We would see each other there everyday, walking alone,
and one day,
we would look up,
a little nervous,
and say, hey there,
and then, some how, we would end up walking together
hardly saying a word,
as if we had known each other our entire lives.

If we met at work,
I would say hi,
and you would ask, how are you,
and that would be all.
Until one day you would offer to carry my bag and walk me to my car,
and I would unlock the door to get in,
but it would hang there open, long after I planned to leave.

If we met at in line at the book store,
I would ask you what you were buying,
and you would launch into a story, describing the movie or book or whatever you held in your hands,
and as you explained,
your eyes would get really big and your hands would move all around, trying to describe how much you love it.

If we met as kids,
we would race up the slide,
and play tag,
and I would pretend I didn't like to be caught,
but secretly I did,
and we would hide in the wooden castle,
and make up stories,
and miss each other after we went home.

If we met in class,
we would sit next to each other the first day by accident,
but we would become friends.
You would be early everyday and save my seat,
and I would come just in time,
and when I got sick, you would give me your notes,
and when the other wasn't there, the empty chair beside us would swallow the whole room.

If we met when we're old,
I would see you greet the receptionist in the doctor's office,
and watch you laugh about something she said and thank her, your eyes sparkling and kind.
And, at 70, I wouldn't care about subtlety anymore,
so I would go sit down next to you and ask why you aren't married
and you would say, because I've been waiting for you.
U Mims Dec 2017
Eye know "we" got THIS
eye never wanna Miss
"us" having THIS

© KingandQueen Productions
Having them moments
Keeping and having  each other's back
Love that stand the test of time
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
even if it was just for a moment
           we were hOMe

never again
will i fear leaving the shore
as your waves of intuition
fuel the anchor to my sea of losses

your familiar tongue
had forgotten its foreign nature
and together, we unlocked the door
to a vast sea of unkept secrets
fleeted feelings of silenced Love
no dialect needed anymore

and although this Magic
had escaped us for some time
thoughts of you
leave me feeling sublime
you continue to touch me
in all of my rhymes
i have never been more sure
that our moments are eternal
i endlessly sing
we are an illusion to time

i swear to you, darling
if the darkness continues
to dance around your room
i will find its rhythm
and i will synch to that tune

no matter the distance
between me + you
if your stars do refuse
to quit falling as you roam
i will swim across oceans to catch them
and i will use their light to guide us back hOMe
if only you knew
the life you live
through my rhyming of you
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
Humanity treats,
Its time as if it is infinite,
When in actuality,
It is on of our most finite,

Absent Minded Sep 2017
The seasons have changed.
A chemical imbalance in mother nature's brain,
Causes us with the seasonal to become insane.
Don't mask your pain, get up and fight.
Who said the sun was the only source of light?
Who says what you do isn't considered right?
Since when did becoming a kite mean you had to fly?
In all truths, not everything alive is meant to die.
Ideas, morals, truths, and lies,
Possessions, progressions, conceptions and ties,
Deceptions, receptions, your views on the world,
The way the universe stops when you hold your girl,
These are things that are timeless.
The ultimately designless.
Break free of your bonds in this suffocating confined nest,
And open your eyes to what's happening around you.
Perspective is something that needs to find you.
It's time to stop focusing on the now,
Crack open the skull and abandon the noun.
Skip the fine line between the deep and the shallow,
Make music to life's beat before you meet the gallows,
And if you're stuck up night because you can't rest,
Look up at the sky and realize,
It's Moonless.
Just some thoughts
Niobe Sep 2017
The whole world is wrong.
Wrong -
     defined by not being right,
     defined by people who know themselves better than I.

The whole world is at my fingertips.
My fingertips -
     wrought in rust,
     wrought in hues of iron butterfly wings,
     wrought in the language of dead, forgotten things.

The whole world is somewhere in the universe.
Somewhere in the universe -
     lost in the void of space,
     lost in the void of time taken to meet ourselves,
     lost in the void of where lost things look real,
     lost in the void of what could have been and what could be.

The whole world is wrong,
The whole world is wrong,
And it is right,
     Wrong and right, full and empty,
     Timeless and running out of time.

The whole world is gone.
     It was never meant for me.
Paras Bajaj Sep 2017
Red lips and weird faces.
Star-like eyes and no traces.
Benevolent ways and eminently wise.
Little hell and little paradise.

Timeless beauty but compassionate.
Gold-like bright but great.
No wings but flies high.
Little hell and little paradise.

Paras Bajaj
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
Life is short
comes and goes
but the meaning is not
is timeless universal
is live!
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