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JoyAndPain Mar 21
I wasn't sure if I was dreaming
so I pinched myself
JoyAndPain Mar 2022
Pretenden que todo está bien.
Sonríen y actúan como si no fuéramos sus esclavos.
Tienen un cuchillo, todo mientras esperan que cumplamos con sus demandas.

Pedimos cambio.

se niegan

No quieren perder el control
pero estamos cansados de los límites que nos imponen.
ya no queremos ser controlados. ¿Qué es lo que no pueden entender?
i made this for my spainish class for an asignment about the latin american revolution.
JoyAndPain Sep 2021
I Am So Tired
I Can Never Fall Asleep
Im In Bed, Eyes Closed
i have insomnia and it ***** bigtime.
JoyAndPain Sep 2021
A Nice Soft Blanket
Coating Everything I See
A Soothing Shadow
#darkness #haiku
JoyAndPain Mar 2021
debt is worth opportunity and chance,
infused with exceptions and doubts.
my history teacher asked what was worth going into debt for. this was my response.
JoyAndPain Mar 2021
cold water
flowing fast
carrying leaves
animals drinking
others hunting
going forever
never ends
not until
the ocean
JoyAndPain Mar 2021
if i were to define life
i would say

its a bunch of questions
where? when? why? how?

its all those choices
this, that, you, me.

its the breath you breathe.
in, out, in, out

its the thought you give.
love, joy, compasion, symapthy.

it is amazing and wonderfull
dont let it ever let it go. ever.
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