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Shofi Ahmed May 2017
She is pyramidon spreads down the pyramid
Led by him up the pyramid that keeps climbing high.
Continues to straighten his straight line but her
curve off the top embraces full is an enduring spiral!

Off the apex of the pyramid the butterfly has slipped out
Still a circle still a cut whatsmore is concealed in the pi?
Future is in now, deathless in death only a pi away!
the title of king
was hotly contested
by a trio of men who
wanted to be invested

in pursuing the ultimate goal
of regent
only one employed a vying

wicked tactics were ever
his underhanded style of play
which saw the other two
bulldozed well out of the way

they'd not gain the
throne's highest apex
that position reserved
for his sole Rex

he now wears the crown
of questionable ascent
a king who obtained it
through an unsporting bent
Maple Mathers May 2016

Find what you love,
and **** it.

Before it kills

If you ain't that viscous, you ain't ambitious.
HRTsOnFyR Sep 2015
Time is like a throwing star; It has many apexes
Yo imma Apex Predator, tell me who be my competitor/
Yo imma Apex Predator, I look into the Mirror, that be my competitor/

Do not be mistaken that is not a Prideful statement/
Checking right outta da clinic I'm not virtuous with Patients(patience)/
Misfit in Neighborhoods/ Wood crest I been sub-urban Free Man Opposite of Hood/
feeling like Huey really I'm "understood" like a single lady Target Practice add a "Miss" if you should/
living as a slave drink a cup of His "Blood"/ but I am Not a vampire you can check my diary "cuz!"/
Emotional after a Horror Show/
The genocide a steady toll as I fight for my Soul/
You'll never get me unless you greet me with Fists/
persecution may come imma Radical *******/
I tell em bring it and I pull out a Massive fist/
Ladies are only worried bout how many lips I've kissed/
Never worry imma ******(yes!!) and Pacifist/
Even though I could tongue Twist/ like am An Exorcist/
Not perverted in the Least/
I been fighting with myself forgetting I am a Beast/
Been elated elevated from the bottom to the feet/
So I "kneel " before the Father knowing nothing like"defeat"/
Start a war I be telling em get the Cranium/
Ready for Battle getting Fit in ya Brainy gym/
Challenge intelligence knowing that it is only Him/
I wish a Brother "wood lands"(would land) like the stadium/
Getcha Pride shot I got the Perfect gun /
Verbally assassinate and Hitchu like kasisi Nuns/
The Name Dexter I go Dum dee dee Dum/
Man Up! Lil boy I know that you're somebody's son/
Haa! Told to **** it I was looking for a Bible/
Dead to sin, Walking Dead, a Zombie that you Could stifle/
Die to gain Live for Christ no needing it for a Rifle/
Any body that come forward and Promise to be a Rival/
Fruits of the  Spirit on the  table but your Plate is "Prideful"/
Think you a "Lion" but your lying rocking with mouth full/
Of disrespect do you neglect that you need to recycle/
The sin that Towers you like the Eiffel//
by  my mentor DESTRO
Chum floats the pool
encircled by sharks and piranha
a pity, nature's fool
as fearful teeth do their work.
Could they be as bad as I?
Apex predator, Invasive species
where it means to die
as a means to live.
Growth from a spineless cherub
to a spiteful formless entity
possessing a cunning golden scarab
controlling wheels of fortune.
Slaves to our own demands
aren't we antagonists to someone else?
With machinations of wicked plans
to justify righteous intentions.
Hypocrites line the tank
tapping their fingers in rumination
Abandoning morals, faces left blank.

I am not your foil, I am a mirror.

— The End —