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Dream Fisher Feb 15
When all the lights fly out
From the insects we use to collect,
Staying up under a tree with an old wooden swing
Pushing higher to see if you could project
Yourself over the branches above.
Telling me someday you'd escape
As you pulled the lid away
Watching those neon colors go up.

In the blink of an eye,
We became the adults we tried
So hard not to become.
Pretending as children we knew our futures,
Fabricating ideas, really we had none.

As we got older and distant,
I sit under this tree and miss
The person who sat next to me.
As the wind blows cold air,
A rickety swing moves slow
Almost knowing I wish you were here.
Jay M Oct 2019
Sitting alone
To my own thoughts
One topic
Becomes thousands
Fluxing about
At the speed of sound
Memories flashing
An aching in my chest
A gripped, compressed heart

A light
Scarcely able to survive
Running out of oxygen
Flickering in and out
I walked on a tightrope
I saw another
A creature of beauty and grace
Running across their own
Then tripping
Swinging to fall,
But their feet remaining on the rope

Awestruck, I attempted to speak
Finding myself unable to utter a word
A bird unable to use its beak
Discovering a voice existed
I used it
Reached out
Made a friend
In time
A partner

Soon, I realized I was able to run across
Just as they had
Able to soar
Fall for a moment
But come back
Somehow still upon my weary feet
But given new strength and determination
A motivation
Thanks to my love

Heart beating at the speed of a jackrabbit
Cheeks the pigment of roses
Soul tied to the other end of a red thread
Feeling something so familiar
Possibly meant to be

His hair is
November tree bark
The tree I sit under
My mask thrown asunder
My true colors show brighter
As he takes me in his arms
Branches of a strong oak
Leaves softer than a kittens fur
Voice like that of a divine
Spilling symphonies into my ear
Still I sit here
With all I hold dear
Awaiting for time to pass
And for him to be near

Before my eyes
My memories dance
Take me into a trance
A vision of rapture
O what ecstasy
Moments of roses
Moonbeams pirouetting
Orchestra playing
Just for two
Under the full moon
Stars glistening in their wonder

A butterfly fluttering in my heart
The zoo escaped in my stomach
Flowers upon my face
Over them is lace
As I am in your sweet embrace

- Jay M
October 31st, 2019
I was told to write a lyric poem in my creative writing class, so I wrote one about you love. <3
Megan Hammer Aug 2019
Swinging in a hammock under palm trees, I’m taken away;
into a swing on a playground where we used to live.
Pine trees work together with the heat waves that bathe us.
My sister is playing the boys while they play basketball.
She doesn’t see that they are planning a move, but I do,
and I hope she’s got a trick up her sleeve.
At fifteen, she sneaks out every night,
out of the window with no screen.
She goes to see Michael who I don’t like.
I think he’s up to no good, but what would I know?
I’m just a five-year-old.

Swinging in a hammock, I’m taken away;
into a swing on a playground where we live.
My brother rides his bike with his friends,
and they talk about baseball cards and the next game.
And the grass is always greener when he’s around –
my mom and dad grab the camera and make the most out of today.
But my dad is not his dad, which bothers no one,
though my brother is always a little mad.

Swinging in a hammock, I wish I could be taken away;
into a swing on a playground where they lived.
I sit in dazed exhaustion from a long day –
there are no sounds of running feet nor voices chanting names.
There are no baseball cards nor boys nor basketball games here.
I don’t know where Michael is, and my sister doesn’t go out anymore.
My brother doesn’t ride his bike anymore, and his next game ended up being his last.

Swinging in a hammock, I stare with strange, confused longing
at the branches above me;
the branches that bend into each other against a clear blue sky
I have not known for a very, very long time.
Rachel Jun 2019
Wind hustling through the night sky.
Blue light shining from above.
Swinging to the top.
Falling back down.
The sound of laughter and talking muffled.
My thoughts louder.
“I’m fine.”
Berenice Apr 2019
There is no easy Poly feeling
This is not fun for those who stay tonight alone
The heart is aching
Despite of understanding 
The Gratitude I felt is  gone

For those who leave tonight
This may be blissful swinging
An implementing fantasies of youth
Two unicorns are merged into freestyle whirling
Not asking much just making love
stopdoopy Mar 2019
You're not welcome here

There may be posters
on the outside of the building
with your face on them sayin
but that ain't an invitation

Pushing past the swinging twins
strutting in, without a care
like you've done nothing,
as if everyone in the room
doesn't want to **** ya

For all the things you've done
they wouldn't need the pay
it'd be a service to mankind,
plenty of folks are glad to put a bullet in yer head

But Darlin'
ya always did have a sweet mouth
I'd love to see you talk your way outta this one

And as soon as you go to speak
I can see it plain as day

Hot anger; what a feeling.
july hearne Oct 2017
the harder it rains, the more useless the umbrella
the more you need it,
the more useless the umbrella

gone and blown the other way

dumbest thing you ever did in your life
i've done that all too
one dumb thing leads to another dumb thing
such a looped refrain
some dumb things just go together

one dumb thing
then another dumb thing

walking on the busy sidewalks
of chicago the overheard woman
i was watching
was talking friendly to the man beside her
about something he was not interested in
he walked away from her

i went home and never forgot that

7 or 8 years later,
i was walking to work in south lake union
IT guy with the too long hair
caught up to me
and complained about his boss

i didn't know what to say
crossing arms crossed tight
conversation dying at the crosswalk
and he walked on ahead
as my hands looked for pockets

one dumb thing beside another dumb thing
such a looped refrain to keep on playing
"the devil runs seattle"
Deeba Mar 2017
I am a Bin
Left over,
Always stinking.

No one sees me with a smile
They show disgust towards me

And then
Stars started orbiting differently
Magic happens.

I am seen as a flower vase

A flower vase
Always enriched, with
different types of flowers

All appreciate my beauty
I am a cynosure

They come to me
Smell me
Absorb my fragrance
Refreshing themselves

It gives me immense pleasure
when I freshen them

But its not always the same
Sometimes they overlook me
Leaving me to stink in rotten flowers

The story repeats.

Yesterday, I was a bin
Today, I am a vase

And nothing much changed

So! I don't care anything anymore.
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel like I am flying
High up in the sky like
A bird
Swinging high
Swinging high
Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel so free and
can do anything
Nothing is hold me back
I can not keep my
feet on the ground
Swinging high
Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel like I am flying
High up in the sky like
A bird i love to swinging
high up in the sky
Swinging high.
© Amanda Kay Hill
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