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Mark Toney Dec 2019
6/5/2018 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018 - I'm not trying to raise a stink, but my footle poem phase continues.  It's so hard to change :)
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Woke up Sunday morning
Put on my Sunday best,
'Cause I didn’t want to go
And look different from the rest.
When the meeting was over
Was among the first to go.
Made a beeline home
Put on some comfy clothes.

Every weekday I work
Must wear a suit and tie
Feels so **** confining
It makes me wanna cry
By the time my shift is over
Tell you goodness knows
Can’t wait to get on home
Put on some comfy clothes.

Comfy clothes are great
Doesn’t matter what the season.
Just can’t quite explain it
There is no rhyme or reason.
But if you feel uptight,
Don’t know which way to go,
Things will get a little better
You put on some comfy clothes.
5/18/2018 - Poetry form: Rhyme - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Mortality is surprising as it should be.
That you should die is not implied by life
Or pain. There is a sweater hanging in his closet.
If one were to look closely at the
                       neck the thread begins un
                       raveling the
                       re. No one will
                       she s
                       d. But it is his sweater and he noticed.
But it is only a sweater and really no one will notice.
It isn't what they look for.
Heretics Abode Feb 2017
The feeling of the sun hitting my pale skin when I’m walking outside on a breezy spring day
And the warmth of a plush blanket
Surrounding my cold,
Shivering body.
Wearing an oversized hoodie that gives off a compelling fragrance
And puts you at ease
And the taste of hot cocoa when it touches your trembling tastebuds.
Wearing your fluffy socks that cover your freezing feet and help you glide across the dining room floors
And the feeling of a special someone’s embrace that can just
Warm your heart up in an instant.
The love you receive to calm your freakish self after a relapse
And the sensation of eating steamy chicken noodle soup when you’re ill.
The heat that hits your palms when you sit near a campfire
And the sensation of lounging in a hot bath after a long day.
Everything wonderful,
Everything warm.
R Nov 2017
Hello there.
I greet you gently with the fireplace,
warmed by our hearts entwined
as our spirits chase.

I'm leaning against you gently as
the television plays gently something
the both of us would love.
The light soaking both of our bodies
the shadows of us becoming one as they blanket the floor,
my hand held with yours, my sweet turtledove.

My cheek against yours, both our eyes closed
as my eyelash is traced against the side of your face.
In our near slumber, we can only be drunk
on the sheer warmth of our embrace.

A soft rain starts outside, as the pane streaks down
little stars all around us, the TV shutting off.
We feel each other's breathing fondly, as slowly,
I whisper into your ear, subconsciously...
"I love you."

You are dead asleep, but you smile regardless.
Ranger Rick Jun 2015
Inhale swiftly
come down quickly
hit the Floor
Be no more.

What a comfy Carpet,
but it ***** me under
like a tar pit.
I'm left to wonder
If it's dragging me
down to Heaven.
I've sunken seven feet under.

I see the light,
it's been lit.
Maybe this time I just might
reach for it.
Reach through the rug.
Reach down and give a tug.

But my arm won't budge.
A mortal's terror
What if he holds a grudge?
It's just not fair.
God no not like this,
Think of all the things I'll miss.
If I see the suns rays
Lord I swear I'll change my ways.

This Time...
Arcassin B Apr 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Wine cooler out the fridge I just poored it in a cup,
I know you've been having second thoughts asking me questions like I'm giving up,
But not on you,
Can't get enough of you,
Would travel south for you,
On a bus right now for you,
Too many people are not fond of you,
Depression kicked in hard like a flying locomotive,
Physical deaths make my stomach turn,
No, I do not know what is your motive,
Turn around and smiled,
Lesson learned,
Have you by any chance heard of that lately,
Too many blankets will do you greatly,
Bet you'll feel comfy tonight.
El Mar 2015
Its amazing what just an object can do
Depending on who it was from
And what it means to you
Given to me is a borrowed gift I treasure
It is not a car
A phone
But merely a

It may seem silly
It may seem odd
That a sweater can do so much
But along with the
The laughter
And the love
It brings
I would rather have your sweater
Then any of the other electronic things
hushhush Feb 2015
Let's say that life is like a river today,
You're one of many ripples that causes the movement in its waters.
(You're the one who caught the sunlight)
And I'm a little stone in the sand who gets tugged along from time to time.
So life is this little river and we all make our different movements to keep it alive,
And together, when you stand on the bank and take a look, we're all moving at this similar kind of pace.

So life is a river;
We all contribute a little and things keep moving that way,

But if you could just skip work today
and come sleep in my bed with me
that would be great.
Chloe Nov 2014
brutally honest, in a good hearted manner

warm to the touch, practically glowing

your ribcage doesn't keep your heart from me

such a soft expression

not afraid to be in touch with femininity
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