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When my lips form charming smile
And in my eyes you see sunshine,
Be careful, darling, it's a warning sign.

Cause once sweet whispers touch your mind
And flirty laugh blurs track of time,
You won't notice that your heart is mine.

And when you watch the moves I make
And then you skip a breath intake,
Be cautious, darling, of heartbreak.

Cause once I get into headspace,
I live rent-free for weeks and days
Before I kiss goodbye and leave a trace.
That's not about what could've happened
It's all about I want to realize
I've dreamed enough, I couldn't help it,
But now my eyes are open wide.

I take the charge and choose direction,
And head towards a happier life.
I swear I had to learn the lesson:
My joy is up to me, myself and I.
It feels so great to choose the path
That leads to opposite direction,
Pretend I've never had a map,
Relax and just enjoy momentum,

Breathe in the sweetness of the freedom's scent,
And find the peace in mother Nature.
The wrong direction I once went
Has turned to be a nice adventure
How do you live, how do you function
When all the feelings you always bottle
Are the main cause of pain, self-destruction?

Stop what you're doing, stop building castle,
You've tied yourself up, don't move a muscle,
Aren't you tired of your inner hassle?

Stop playing cool, please, stop your pretence,
Warm yourself up, and let the ice melt.
It's finally time to put down your defence.

Begin allowing yourself to feel,
Embrace sensations despite the fear,
And I promise you'll break free
Kamila Salimova Oct 2020
I'm going with a flow,
To some extent relaxed.
I had to let it go,
Put off the questions asked.

Sometimes, it's not the time
To know the things you want to know.
Sometimes, you lose your light,
Get lost, to find the road.

It's fine to take the breaks,
To have your time, explore.
It's better give yourself some space
Than torturing your mind and soul.
Kamila Salimova Oct 2020
Your elegant jewelleries and bold outfits,
Your powerful voice and ear-pleasing hits,
Your luminous eyes and heart-melting smile,
So much about you makes me inspired.

Your natural kindness and infinite respect
Towards all the people you've ever met
Have shown the world what a decent man is
Who chooses honesty, love, together with peace.

Your countless talents and creativity
Make me want to express myself fearlessly,
Your pure soul and humble nobility
Fill my heart with admiration, felicity.

To Harry Styles
Kamila Salimova Sep 2020
I realise there might be no future for us,
But my mind refuses to think.
"I need you" - the only thought that I've got,
And that's how I truly feel.

It wasn't you who weren't enough
It was me who wanted more..
Without you it's been lately so tough,
And I doubt I can heal this sore..

And I've never been that emotional,
I used to always roll my eyes
When a girl was thinking a lot
And crying because of a guy.

I guess that much I need you..
But I know your decision was wise.
A heartbreak is what it may lead to.
I realise but I feel otherwise...
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