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Kamila May 2022
Let's imagine a melody,
The saddest you've ever heard,
That says all you want to say
Every time you hurt,
That cries all the tears you want
Your soul to cry
To erase all the pain you hold
Kamila Apr 2022
Let me start from the very blank sheet
To open new page and pour there some ink,
To shower a bit in the sunshine of hope,
To go down the river of freshness and scope.

Let me savour the flavour of doing first-times,
Even old things are new when they're done in new style.
Let me sigh out of wonder and laugh from the heart,
I'm ready for present, the past's in the past.
Kamila Jan 2022
And maybe at times I will feel myself different,
And maybe I'll never find what I want,
But let my strength be the uniqueness,
Even at the cost of 'I'll never belong'.
Kamila Dec 2021
I'd like to know you better.
Your eyes, addictive lips...
I dream of them, and thinking whether
You see me in your dreams.

I've never told, but maybe
I get a bit distracted
By how your voice appears to be
So soothing and attractive.

You are so charming, cute and kind
It took me little time to see,
I know there's even more to find
Inside your head, under your skin.
Kamila Dec 2021
I'm thinking and guessing
What if the things that are stressing
Me out
Are just problems I've made myself up?

I'm looking for a place to belong,
But what if I have this need as long
As I do not embrace that I'm different from others?
Or am I the one who disconnects and becomes another?

What is belonging?
Is it worth ignoring
Things you don't like,
That you don't feel understood or alike?

They say everything starts within,
Is it something I haven't given
Myself yet,
Or should I keep searching for it?
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