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I'm so happy.
A poem every day.
blue Aug 24
There came a poem on my feed,
“people are most vulnerable at two in the morning,
unknowingly desiring to spill their hearts and bleed.”

I was uneducated on this field, naive to it all.
It was a matter of time when being in isolation became an addiction; when early one in the morning was the normal hour.

Utterly enjoyable, I was filled with bliss;
There I experienced it myself; to spill strewn words of poetry;
poetry that frolics with empathy; the vulnerability of the heart.
Secret May 13
200 words.
What a milestone.
There are people with thousands of words published.
On this site.
On other sites.
In books.
Those books that were never recognized.
Those poor authors never got recognition for their works.
They worked so hard.
They tried so hard.
All for nothing.
Did they ever try again?
Why would they?
It could just end up the same way.
No one will care.
They'll regret their choices.
They'll wish for something better.
Their wish won't be answered.
At least, I think so.
Maybe it went a different route.
Maybe they did try again.
Maybe they succeeded.
Maybe they didn't.
Nothing will be enough.
No one will recognize your work.
Don't even try it.
ay I got to over 200 words bois
IncholPoem Jan 10
A   suitcase
  was  drinking
cold drinks
by   using  a  bio  degradable
straw  not
taking  times
200 years  to

The  human  baby  was
actually  drinking  it
inside  a  smart

That  baby   is
gene  edited    baby
who   can  drink
cold  drinks
in  one  months  also.

That  suitcase  was
following    her  mother
by   artificial  intelligence  
and  small  camera.

That  mother  was
a half  robot  and
half  human   being.
gray rain May 2016
Remember this...

You are the reason for countless,
sleepless nights where I lay awake
wondering what light you would bring.

You are the reason I had no imagination,
believing that no one could fill the gaps
and why each day came with a sting.

Unknown to me, who you were going to be.
You sang to me, so sweet! You make my dreams
weep with joy and sadness.

Unknown to me, you were everything
or nothing. Someone to depend on or destroy.
I've torn you down but you stand with me in the mess.

You helped me through everything,
good and bad,  through my darkest moments when
self-harm and suicide didn't seem so bad.

You expected it back in return but when I couldn't
live up, you didn't leave you stayed
because you knew you were the only thing that made me glad.

This is for you, whoever you are,
thanks for being there. I know I don't say it much
but I don't know what I'd do without you.

This is for you,  because I know you are truly
willing to forgive me and I cannot repay that
or even begin to.

Just remember I wrote this for you.
This is my 200th poem on here.
They think I suffer
From but one affliction;
But I enjoy it.
Jodey Ross Oct 2014
I would just like to announce that today I am officially two hundred days clean from cutting! :D
May D Aug 2014
feeble ribs
caressing porcelain  

ink dipped tongue
every word he
uttered was

she painted him
with hues of gray
leaving a piece
of her crumbling
soul in each

his sleepless nights
spent with
pencil smudged
trying to find
the words
to describe her

they were 2:00 am
with blemished
hearts trying
to find love
in each other

~ am

— The End —