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Letter from a Groom to his Bride.

Someday! We shall stand before God and man, exchanging our vows and being unified, as husband and wife.
Someday! You shall be mine forever in holy matrimony of God's ordinances.
Someday, our flesh shall become one, body and soul joining to live here on earth till eternity. I can't imagine the smile and tears watching our parents, families, friends, and loved ones cheering us up with loud noise and praises.

Before we both take the altar in the presence of eyewitnesses,  
Let me first say: thank you for letting me be your husband.
There were dozens of others out there, but you still chose me.
Amidst my imperfections, you stood firm and humbly welcomed me. I Thank you for this one chance.

I cannot say that all will be glowing and sunshiny, nor can I assure you that I will be there 24/7. But I can assure you of my commitment and loyalty to you alone, my Tinkerbell. There may be days of dark clouds and thunderstorms, but together we will withstand the heat. We may battle over things, argue, and have some disagreements still we will harmonize.

Our home should be for us; our families can come to visit but please, let's keep our issues behind closed doors. Always remember that I love you and always will. Let our home be our sanctuary, place of prayer, and our Eden. I will try to be attentive and sensitive to all your issues. Till then, meet you at the altar, my angel.

Your groom-to-be.
I wish I could be a better me
irrespective of those inevitable challenges that surrounds me.
I wish I could be a grateful soul
to my God, Who gave me this precious soul.

I wish to live aΒ Β life that is trouble-free,
and of all bondages, I will be set free.
I wish I could just live alone
but my conscience won't leave me alone.

I wish I was brought into this life by no one,
and be independent without no one.
I wish I could just be rich in seconds
but why is poverty claiming to be my second?

I wish I could live an eternal life
but death is a must in life.
I wish to become a doctor
that saves lives not a vector.

I wish I could just see my mentor,
My Uncle in disguise, but there are factors
Though short term that are hindrances
to our meeting, I can't be affected by greviances.

I wish I could become a writer with impact
that heals those visions affected by cataract.
I wish to live in luxury
but where I live seems to be like a factory.

I wish I could be good to everyone
I tried my best, but why am I bad to someone.
That just wants my downfall.
Impossible it is! Momma said I can't fall.

I wish I could go for pilgrimage,
an important thing I have to do before old age.
I wish I could be in the Garden of Eden
singing praises of my Lord, but when?

I wish I could just be loved
by someone whose sight makes my problems solved.
I wish I could be a better me
but why has the weather not favoured me?
falling in love was never an intention,
but with you it is more than absorption,
let me be your Romeo,
and let's keep it on till the end.

my love for you keeps on shining like the ever glowing stars,
growing every day like a red bar,
getting more deeper like the blue ocean.

the more I think about you
the more I get into you,
come rain, come shine,
our love will keep on flying.

take a ride with me to the moon,
in the center we'll find a pool,
bring along your towel,
I'm going to bring along my powder.

we going to bath out our worries ,
no stress, cause God will erase all filthy stories,
I'm going to be your hangbag and you my wallet,
together we shall make a beautiful per!!
Love in thin air 😍
I'd walk my way to the realm of peace,
That I may find rest for my weary soul.

I'm not satisfy neither am I happy
Saying goodbye to you wasn't really my intention

You caused me sleepless night of worries and tears
Unbearable pain and countless heartbreaks

Intially,  we were the most talk about couple
Our moves and steps got people calling us sweet names

You stole my heart and ran
Broke it into pieces and threw it right on my face

You betrayed me with hurtful words
Saying that you and I ain't compatible
You used me and dump me without any regret

I trusted you
I loved you
I did everything for you

This is how you could repay me
I'm totally a stranger and absolutely nobody to you

I got to let you go
I have hold onto you for long
Seriously, that has killed me numerous times

I'm sick of dieing a death that is worthless

Goodbye 😭😭😭

To those pleasurable moments
The calls, sms, visits & hanging out

Goodbye 😭😭😭

To 'I love you'
I miss you'
'You are my joy'
'I can't live without you'
'We were meant to be together'

Goodbye 😭😭😭
To everything
Most especially you
At times the expected turn to be the unexpected. Life is full of uncertainty!!
Buy no flowers for me
Sing no sad songs for me
Say no good deeds about me
Don't drop tears over my casket
For all will be vanity and useless

No care!
No concern!
No love!

If I die
Leave my bones alone
And let my soul rest in glory
I'm in a cave
Fighting battles with no trophies
Broken bones in healthy body
Cast down by self- depression
I'm at war with myself
Self gain and ugly thoughts
Are the order of the day
No root to get out
No one to give me a helping hand
Voices of suicide kept circling in my mind
I'm walking dead
Breathing but can't feel
This self battles is challenging
Giving up means death
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