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Spriha Kant Apr 3
A woman remains an ocean of love till her pulchritude is not ****** by a Lothario.

wordvango Jan 2018
Last night
      Last night
             Laaaàaaast night!!!!

To cuss **** out
     Last year
           Last year
                Laaaaaàast year!!!!

To last year....
      May you just go
              May you go  
                  Fuuuuccccking  go!!!
Lady Bird Feb 2017
thoughts are draining
from every inch of my mind
yet I can't find the last line

I'm slaving at my desk
racking my brain for
the perfect words

my soul is ****** dry
not one single drop of
inspiration for me to try
Àŧùl Jan 2017
Yesterday you were in my mouth,
Even I was enjoying ******* you,
And you melted between my lips,
Hot lips of mine made you drips.

On the cusp of love you waited to burst,
Heaving your ***** in a heavy workout.

Your depth was deeper than I thought,
Entering my mouth were all your juices,
And I gave you what you always sought,
Heavens I visit while eating you, ice cream.

Just come on, come and descend,
Upon me like a playful fox,
Seeming like eternity,
Trusting you.

Come here,
Over here,

Tomorrow is unforeseen,
On the cusp of uncertainty.

Mangoes we deserve after such harsh winters,
E*erily quiet is this dead midnight approaching.
Another of my special secondary acrostic poems.
An unintended concrete poetry of a whisky toast.
My HP Poem #1372
©Atul Kaushal
gravygod Nov 2016
how I can be ****** back in
to the old ways of abuse
when I know nothing good will come
from you
from me
from both of us
yet I feel the sparkling fire that burns
and it only burns for you
I need you to blow it out
extinguish my flame
before it sets my whole body on fire
then there will be nothing left to do
but follow you
I need you more than I thought I did or didn't
when I tell you I love you
you tell me you like being with me
nothing will ever add up
but everything will subtract
I have thought I reached the end plenty
somehow you reel me back into your grasp
your warm embrace filled with connectivity
as if our hearts are hugging
not our bodies
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
She's an emotional vampire
She'll **** out what she desires
She preys on the lonely
Making them think they are her one and only

She lives off their emotion
Love or hate, just as long as it's commotion
She thrives on the drama
Leaving behind only trauma

She'll take you down slow
You won't even know
Till she releases her hold
Leaving behind only holes
Where she's ****** out your soul

She's an emotional vampire
She'll burn you like Hell's fire
She's quite the enchanter
Her whole life is a banter
It's only the emotion that matters
She sparkles like a sapphire
That emotional vampire
eliza bonnet Oct 2014
I am back to where I can smile when I see you
back to where I can laugh at something you say
and thats what I wanted
all this time
I wanted closure

And I don't miss it
and surprisingly
it *****

I was hoping some part of me would fight for us back
or maybe us finally talking again would remind at least one of us what it was like
how much fun we had

but we just didn't click anymore
it wasn't like we were soul mates
it was like you weren't even the same person

and that ******
rockywhoreor Jul 2014
Your soul poured into mine like vinegar
Pure enough to see through,
But too sour to taste.

But I drank it anyway,
Downed all your
and.          dusty.      records.

And I knew the skies would dull
But for now, that was okay
Because you didn't
mind my
                  empty bottles,
and.      unread.     books.
PrttyBrd May 2010
Gray skies and broken rain
Sliding down the windshield
A lifeline ever-changing
Droplets, in contact they merge
Yet, some sit lonely, isolated
Only to be ****** into the paths of others
Left behind or swept away

— The End —