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Fen Aarons Nov 2018
Headphones like tigers, growling in my ears
Tigers of Rock and Roll, everyone else can hear
I can see them now, dancing to and fro
Like a dancer these tigers, never tripping
The music is a dancer, never missing
This song is so peaceful, with its heavy beat
But also like a tiger, with claws on its soft feet
I can feel the claws, as I slip on the headset
Claws like hooks on my soul, dragging me in it
Into what? I cannot say
But I’m being dragged down, every day.
I wrote this in middle school, and found it on my old deviantart. Figured it was better placed here.
Maegan deme Oct 2018
it's quiet in the classroom.
or maybe I've gone deaf;
oh no,
what if I have?
I wouldn't mind I guess,
At least I wouldn't need to listen to all these stupid middle schoolers
why does anyone and everyone that's in middle school have to be so ******* stupid al the time? good lord
Peter Oct 2018
All alone.
Hidden from humanity
A lone ship on the sea
In the middle of the night.

In the dark
Without knowledge of the trends
Being an outcast until summer ends
Is it a calling or a lie?

Those hours
Spent crying at a pillow
Where has the world gone?
Where have I been?

Like a worm
I lurk below the ground
Awaiting the end
Of it all.
I hath wrote this sad poem to demonstrate the thoughts and feelings of the life of a troubled adolescent
Bella S May 2018
And Tears
Are all feelings I have felt throughout my 7th-grade year
The people I know
And the people I wished I didn’t know
Are all makers of my
And fabulous year
At Congress Middle School.
Kate Apr 2018
What is contained in those years prefacing our story?
Memory is a fickle thing-
Pieces of mine have been left in storm drains and deep closets
Give me what you can-
the frayed shoelaces from fifth grade and clip on ties from homecoming dances
We can trade these like baseball cards-
the patch of woods behind my childhood home for when you learned how to ride a bike
Could you spare the day your father left?
You can have the time I realized silence is tangible when you want company- it rests heavy on your chest as you sit alone at the table .
I take what we've traded and tuck it between my floorboards, in the panels of my walls, in my window frame
What was contained in those years before us is safe in my woodwork as you gift it to me
And the years to come will hold pieces of me
Natalie Apr 2018
walk a mile in my shoes
maybe then you'd understand

i'm not hating
i'm just telling you
you don't know what i've been thru

two feet in the brown dirt
school skirt
crazy lies

no friends took years to mate
but i finally overcame

people got a lot to say
but don't know nothing about
where i was made

or how many nights i stayed up crying
just to make it past my mind dying

no friends
clueless family

bad boyfriends
dead grammy

i've been up all night
trying to fix my life
i've been work
workin' on my life

this dream is all that i need cause it's all i've ever had
inspired by iggy's work
A Flowered Tux Mar 2018
There is the one girl that speaks
And when she is at her peak
You sit and think about everything you missed
or the people who coexist
But its towards the end of her speech you’ll cry
Trust me you will never find out why
You might look back and realize
That every word she said was a lie.  
-the one who spoke in sunsets
Then comes the one that thinks
She’ll think even when on the brink
Of mental insanity
Oh the humanity!
What will happen to her?
She only sees the blur
Of what her life could be
If only she were able to see
-the one who needs glasses
I felt bad for the invisible
The one who was never able
To make herself feel seen
Maybe I was just mean,
But no matter
She was only a scatter
Of what made a personality
Unfortunately, hers lacked finality.
-the one who I thought I knew
The one who felt
Was who I got dealt,
I saw her at my lunch table,
And wondered if she were stable.
Her eyes sparkled a delicate no.
She was always able to bestow
Emotions of what she wanted onto others,
She never was able to recover
Once they left out the front door
With her lying on the dance floor.
-the one I left on the dance floor
Finally, there is me,
For so long I was lost at sea
But I came back to shore
And Oh!, I just adore
What I have become!
I don’t want this to be done.
I refuse to go back to how I once was
Lies I can never untell,
I’ll never forgot my mother’s face
Because that was never who I wanted to be
And all three years were agony.
      -the poet who wished for better
This poem is really personal to me. This describes who was in my life when it was a really bad time for me.
Duava Mar 2018
By the time you're 11
And in middle school
The pressure will be high
And too much
And you'll be squeezed
Into a quark.
My current life in 6th Grade
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