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rockywhoreor Feb 2015
When the battle beneath us beckons me home, and my brittle bones break,
Be sure to bury me in a black blouse with blue begonias and blame those ******* bluejays for the blatantly bad things. But always be brave and believe in the betterment of beauty for there will always be blasphemy and bitterness in the blank book. But be sure to balance brains and beauty for all the earth to bleed.
rockywhoreor Feb 2015
I poured my heart out and exclaimed the truth, but it didn't send the message clear enough, so I guess its not worth hearing anymore
  Oct 2014 rockywhoreor

Upon a beach of silken sand
Neath nighttime's wondrous skies
Stars aglow of heavens hand
Soft moon beams fill your eyes

With gentle seas awash the shore
The scent of ocean wind
A shooting star our smiles explore
As dreams once more begin

Now glistening on waters blue
A hypnotizing light
Illuminates this love so true
I feel for you this night

In solitude of gentle flow
The touch of fingertips
A canopy of evening glow
My kiss upon your lips

This universe is ours to hold
Amongst the stars we'll play
Of secrets now our hearts have told
Beneath the Milky Way
rockywhoreor Oct 2014
We may have had no money
But we were fit for kings.
We used to steal from thrift stores
And sell eclectic thngs.
Sure we fought over dinner
And you occasionally roared my name.
But how was I supposed to know
It would never be the same.
You ransacked my apartment
And didn't leave a dime,
And so I called the cops
I was running out of time.
But the cops found our salvia
Hidden underneath the stairs.
I should've told them it was yours
But by then I didn't care.
I punched one in the gut
And ran as fast as I could.
I may have been a bit too rough
But I was always misunderstood.
I found an eerie park
And hid behind the gate.
I lit my last cigarette
And filled my thoughts with hate.
I thought of the time you pushed me
In a puddle of sticky mud.
Or the time you wouldn't answer my calls
And my eyes began to flood.
The time you refused to meet my sister
Because she was fat and gay
And the time you left me at a funeral
Even though I pleaded you to stay.
I'd come to terms that you were no good
So I brushed off my hands,
Stretched, and stood.
I ran through the traffic
Finally a free soul.
I discovered it wasn't my life that you stole.
But rather my boundaries is what you unchained.
My walls were bashed inward
And now they're out again.
The world is ending
Before my eyes.
And there is no one else that I want to despise.
But I can't hate you now
You set me free.
The sun is dripping and
The ground moves shakily.
Buildings crumble and children scream
Mothers think it's just a dream.
But the earth splits in half
And I hope you're okay.
As we slip into darkness
On this eventful day.
I wake up in hell
Missing you dearly I cried.
Only to find that you're
Right by my side.
rockywhoreor Sep 2014
Why take big bites
of birthday cakes
when you can have
lonely nights
and big mistakes.
rockywhoreor Sep 2014
My best friends
are half empty bottles
and kitchen floors.
rockywhoreor Sep 2014
Sorry I write about ***** so much. Sorry I don't smoke. Sorry i most likely have a drink in my hand if you text me late at night. (deep conversations are fueled with alcohol) Sorry if I make no sense sometimes. Sorry I can't stop. Sorry I don't warn you if you come over. Sorry I won't open up and sorry I won't shut up. Sorry that I'm confused. Sorry I'm indecisive. With everything. I am so very sorry but I can't promise anything.
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