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Jean Lewis Oct 2018
Night came to reminisce the past
Lately realized; it won’t last
Never known they will bite the dust,
Sad to say, hard to take, it’s just.

Remember the diverse seasons
Smiling for distinct reasons
Frowning with some explanations
Simple yet complex descriptions.

I missed such accompaniment
Sentiments on our merriment
Don’t you implore for that moment,
Maybe because I’m too lenient.

Delightful yet painful memoir
This is simply paranoia
Deprivation of euphoria,
These epitaphs of nostalgia.

Now every single thing is gone
Even this poem is almost done
The sorrowful presence of none
And these happened because of one.

Simply because I remember.
I Remember...
June 01, 2015
-Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis Oct 2018
The horns warning danger are blown
Shrill cry of war from the unknown,
Your defenses on the guard rose
The warriors marched and fought but lost,
Swords were drawn and there was bloodshed
Cannons were fired ‘till all are dead.
Your kingdom is desolated
While on distant empires you fled,
When all your people are mourning
And you’re on the verge of dying …
But as I have constantly said,
Heed my call and you’ll be aided,
In defense, I am the strongest,
I will always be your fortress.
March 06, 2014
-Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis Oct 2018
Treading on unfamiliar land
where cold-heart atmosphere surrounds
raining with snowflakes of anguish,
the pink earth colored by bloodshed
crawling with weeds of dire nightmares
and fallen leaves of broken dreams.
Plants of ominous rivalry,
blooming with despair and sorrow,
the ebony trees of dark magic
bearing fruits of pain and misdeeds.
And the clouds of tears and sadness
along with tombstones of loved ones;
Thick fog of dying memories
And defiled waters filled with lies.

What garden grows in the winter?
A world of woe one must elude,
Wandered around this place once more,
And this is the winter garden.
The Winter Garden
June 01, 2015
-Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis Aug 2018
In these first eight lines,
On the eight day of the eight month
Eight days after mine
Marks the first day of the class.
No! Most importantly, it shall forever –
on a sleeping eight “∞”, remind me of you.
On the day you turn eighteen,
I write this for you.

Regardless, of what happened,
In the past… I know that you were always
Trying to be at your best.
And that I wish you know that you
Are definitely worth it – of the time and the effort.
Yes! Not were, but are – you are worth it
Of the love, and you are worthy
Of my love, always.

Not the slightest bit of regret,
I really did, I really do and forever I will
Always be here for you.
You are you, beautiful and noble,
You shall always hold a special place in my heart
An irreplaceable throne, for you alone.
So no matter what, remember that
I will never forget you.

I knew most of the time when
You were on the brink, weak, hurt, and in pain.
But, I’m sorry and I regret
That there was nothing I could do.
When you tried to smile, to be strong, okay and happy
I appreciate it and I treasure those moments.
I always knew you were trying,
You kept on fighting…

So for everything, I wish to affirm your
Every thought, every action, and all your efforts.
I thank even the slightest gestures,
I did not let the subtlest bit of them past my attention.
I shall always pray for your prosperity, happiness and well-being.
Remember, you can always count on me, and once more
Let me tell you, in the present continuous tense
Always will and do – Keziah, I love you.

Happy Birthday, Keziah!
A Rather Plain and Simple Happy Birthday for You
-Jean Lewis
July 21, 2018

P.S. Will post this on Hello Poetry on August 8.
P.P.S Initial notes ^^^. Thus, some are already incorrect.
P.P.S I'm sorry I just couldn't tell when you're free. But, I hope you catch even the tiniest bit of what I prepared for you.
Jean Lewis Jul 2018
If only I could tell her,
"Wait for me.
I'm coming soon.
I will return very soon.
Once again,
I shall hoist the flags
And venture once again,
I shall reach that
Perfect princess
On top of the tower.
I am longing, coming,
returning for you,
very, very, soon."
A Brief Moment
-Jean Lewis
July 22, 2018

This is not the poem I referred to in the previous one. Just a minor preparation...
Jean Lewis Jul 2018
Look into my eyes,
And see if I didn't.
Let me hug you tight,
And tell me if I won't.
Let me hold the warmth of your hand,
And say if you feel I don't.

Search the inner calculus of my mind
Venture the hidden caverns of my heart
And voyage on the turbulent seas of my soul
Do everything in your might
Just to find yourself a "No."

Flay my skin
Crush my bones to dust
And make a tonic of my blood
Make me walk on live flames
Squeeze me dry
And hold to trial every bit of mine.
Turn me inside out
Until all that is left of me is a mouth.

A mouth to ask,
Have you found your "No"?
Or have you found my answer?
A voice that speaks,
Not the slightest bit of me exists
That would give you a no.

For I did love you
I still do love you
I really really do love you
And forevermore, remember, I always will love you.

And in that last moment
When and whence nothing is left of me
I shall lay my answer to your question.
I do...
I love you,
Keziah Maru.
If she asks, "Do you love me?"
Jean Lewis
July 14, 2018
Jean Lewis Jun 2018
Jesus said, "Simon... Son of Jonah!"
And Peter answered, "Y-Yes Lord...?"
Yeshuah then asked, "Do you Love Me..."
"... More than the others do?"
Peter answered, "Y-Yes Lord... Lord You know that I love You..."
The Lord asked, "Do you Love Me?"
the rock answered, Yes, Lord... You know I Love You."
"Do you... Love Me?"
"Yes! Lord... You know everything... You... You know that I Love You."
*(Notes: Reference)

And if you ask me, "Do you love me?"
I'll answer, "Yes, I do."
"Do you love me?"
"Yes, I really really do love you."
"Do you love me?"
"Yes, I do... love you."

Seconds passed, since you were last on my mind
Just hours passed, since I last thought of how you are doing
Days passed, since we last talked
Even weeks passed, so long a time
And months passed, since I last saw you
How long has it been?

Yet, not a day passed when you weren't on my mind
Not a moment passed when I didn't miss you
Naught a time passed, nor a single second, whence I can deny you.

The times may change
And I may have changed
But one thing did not change...
I am sure of
No, not in the slightest bit
It never did
And it never will.

"Do you love me?"
"Yes,... I do... love you."
I did love
I still do love you
I am in love with you
I love you
I really do love you
I always did
And I forevermore, always, will love you.

I am not sure, of that point of no return
I doubt that exists for me
You may feel me less now or even none at all
But, I assure you I am always there by your side
Because, "Baby if you say you want me to stay"
"I'll change my mind."

Ti Amo Murasaki Rozu Zutto, Zutto, Eien ni...
The first stanza is a conversation between Peter and Jesus. It is taken from the Manga Messiah and one of the inspirations for this poem.
The last quoted line is from "Change My Mind" - by One Direction.

Days, How Long has it been?
- Jean Lewis
June 20, 2018
Jean Lewis Jun 2018
can YOU heAR my quiEt screaMs?
or perhaps an unspoken voice?
have You ever seen dRy tEArS?
Or simply deaf and bliNd by choice?

mIne is a sMile full of grIef,
eyeS So bright yet empty indeed.
mY dull life once set adrift
lost a sOUl found yet filled with greed.

but i'm PLEASEd as i drink some wine
Spare the fArce and ViE for your Might.
trust thE words that says I'M fine
Don't worrY everythING's alright.

I CAre NoT if you're wiTh him
and for your sAKE, i will rejoice
for my Lord hears sooTHIng hymnS
MY HEART, that sIngs a siLent nOiSE.
a pain calm like the storm
-Jean Lewis
May 20, 2018

Challenge: Hope you find the hidden message... well it's not exactly hidden its just in a different "case"

I miss her so **** bad.
Jean Lewis Jun 2018
For every defiance
I lay rules until fifth times
At first I feign ignorance
At second, I exercise patience
On third, my final drops of tolerance
At fourth, know my resistance
And at fifth, I will devoid you of existence.
Never waste your chances
For you loose them in the process.
I Ask No More Than Thrice
-Jean Lewis
June 7, 2018
By far one of my darkest poems ever hehehe. I'm not emotional or anything just need to release the sinister side of life.
Jean Lewis May 2018
A Gift
Given in hundreds of ways
Wrapped in thousands of forms
And given for a million reasons
From one to many
Many to one
Or even one to one
Perhaps it is the best gift
That I can ever hope to give.

Ironic enough,
A giver who gives this
Consequently, receives the same.
And the receiver who receives this
Hopes to give the same.
Lucky is the messenger
Who made
Both feel the same,
For he shall partake
Of a gift the same.

It brings a smile
To the teary-eyed
Gives some vigor
To the droopy ear
Has a comforting pat
To those who are down
And a warm tight hug
To those freezing in pain.

It sometimes come as warm,
But never cold
However, most of the time
Taken for granted.
But realizing its true value
Only when it’s given
Some thought and thanks.

Some offer it as warm cup of coffee
On a cold rainy day
Sometimes a cup of Earl Grey
To the old and desolate
And even a chilled glass of milk
To the young and vibrant.
However, again it is not measured
In cups nor glasses
In chocolates nor doughnuts
Naught in roses nor rain droplets
Neither in the moon nor the horizon
For it is far greater and more valuable
Than any of these.

Then again, it can also be a luggage
That the limp can carry
Or a language
That the mute can speak
Or a word
That the deaf can hear
And definitely a beauty
That the blind can see.

Its teacher is pain
And its lover is risk

Its father is Innocence
And its mother is Love
Its brother is Kindness
And its sister is Care

Finally, its offspring
Never fails to give
Comfort and Warmth
Let her name be Smile

And this is what I wish to give you
My gift be called happiness
From Me to You…
Jean Lewis
May 29, 2018
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