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Bea Aug 2020
حبيبي كما أفكر فيك ، قفز قلبي من صدري كيف أتمنى أن أكون معك في هذا الوقت وجهك الجميل وابتسامتك تمر من خلالي كالنار في الهشيم كنت جميلة كما خلقك الله أنت هديتي من الله مثل  أنا أحبك كثيرا.  أنا حكمة بيرلو نادرة ولؤلؤة نادرة من الجمال واللطف.  صورة الله في مايو عند النساء

My beloved as I think of you my heart leaps out of my chest how I wish I could be with you at this time your beautify face and smile go through me like wildfire you were as beautiful as God created you you are my gift from God as I love you very much. I You’re a rare Perlow wisdom and a rare pearl of beauty and kindness. God’s image in May in women
Love my girlfriend soooo much
Bea Aug 2020
حبيبي الحبيب كيف أتمنى أن أكون معك في هذا الوقت لأكون بجمالك وعقلك لديك وجه القمر الجميل يضيء ظلمتي ولكني ما زلت لا أستطيع رؤيته.  كيف أريد فقط قبلة واحدة لك.  كيف تقصد العالم لي بركاتي الجميلة لله

My sweet beloved love how I wish I can be with you at this time to be hold your beauty and your intellect you have the face of the beautiful moon shining my darkness yet I still can’t see it.  How I just want one kiss for you.  how you mean the world to me, my beautiful blessing for Allah
I think I met  theright ******* plenty of fish she is my everything hens this poem
Bea Aug 2020
My scarfaced TSA prince
I see you on imvu and
I just want you
As we talk my
Body aches for you
My heart aches for when we can work
And be together
I pine for your presence
Your love
And touch
Bea Aug 2020
The way that you carry yourself
In that CATSA uniform
I see my scarfaced love
Checking passengers for weapons
Oh how I await his touch
Oh how I await is kisses
Then he takes me aside
My dreams come true
I get to feel his touch
Bea Aug 2020
My love is at airport security
He works at the preboarding
Looking more handsome and dapper
Than usual
Not that the was gorgeous before
I wonder if Bobby is waiting
For me to join in career and love
My Bobby
I love him so
And he me.

— The End —