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aL Nov 2018
These eyes are entertained
By looking to these stars while glittering
Other wont even take a glance
While I'll sit and take my time waiting

For life is day and night
And I chose the dark
I still appreciate your lights
But the sky is where I look for the spark

I express my love for the rain
All my colors getting drained
I am stuck in this blurry sight
And wont be enough stars tonight

I will be perfectly alone kissing this filter
Cause you wont be needing me in your arms closer
With the smoke I inhale I feel so desensitized
This now is one of the side of my dice.
love for the ciggs
love for starry nights
love for cold rainy nights, too
starry and rainy nights could not co-exist
just like my babe and my cigarette
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
Eternity combs my hair with stars
For those I've loved this long life
Oh starry, starry, starry night
Part me on that painted dawn
Apporva Arya Oct 2018
When I was alone in light,
My shadow stayed.
But sooner it left
with sunset.
That frozen night ,
I spent with starry sky
and a lie,
That this night is all to Survive.
Tomorrow's sun rise,
My shadow will again revive.
But next morning,
It rained with all its might.
So I was lone both day and night.
I have stopped holding onto people and outer stuff (work,shadow)to escape loneliness. Because for how long I will keep holding them since one day they all will leave. So let's wake ourself up and face this truth .
Tanay Sengupta Sep 2018
Standing under the starry sky,
He gazes at the crimson moon.
He is old, solitary and shy
He knows his end is coming soon.

The wind smiles as she passes through him,
Brushing his hair, kissing his cheek.
Playful as she may seem
She knows, he is now weak.

He gazes dreamily at the sky,
Reminiscing the glory days of his life.
Like everyone else, he will also die
But, he is happy as he knows that he will be with his wife.

He wonders as he watches the crimson moon.
He knows, his end is coming soon.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
I hope you enjoy this poem. As usual I am leaving the interpretation part to you. Happy reading!
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
All this time,
I've been thinking;
I can't help it,
but to feel like
I'm sinking.

Drowning in my sea
of emotions;
only you have set
my motion.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
that's the end of the day
and again I take out the pen
I take out the paper
and again I write
I write about that beauty
that was today
I write about that beautiful
what my eyes saw today

that's the end of the day
that's the end of the day
I say to myself
and I look at the night starry sky
and write
and write
and only I write
with love
will share with everyone

amisha arora May 2018
Slowly delve into darkness
Rushing to the home
Dream to be in between the trees.
Sensing starry and scary night.
Eyes cannot reach beyond the darkened tree.
Lost in the forest, no sign I know.
Find the lake and moon above it.
I say “beautiful! Evergreen beauty of night”
Fear was darting too. Emotions stuck in the throat.
And eyes were mesmerized.
The wind started blowing and heart pushed emotions,
And tears in my eyes; my hairs touch my face.
Every moment in fear was high.
Walk two-three steps and sit on the shore.
Seeing the sky with a heavy heart.
And then closing eyes and opening arms towards.
The calmness enters me of night.
I was senseless for a moment.
After, winds touch rolling tears.
My fears were disappearing into the darkness.
Night as an angel savior of me, I feel.
I have in mind I am lost.
But explored to the forlorn beauty
Where low volume voice is valued.
Far from my world in a better world with an angel.
Still, I am lost!? I think
I find me in a cab. That was a dream.
It leaves impact I feel some fresh after a tired day
And fighting with liars; I reached my home.
Carrying handbag over the shoulder.
Stand still before the door.
think misery exist in brightness and
finding no piece of calmness.
I prefer to lose myself in the dark.
Ava May May 2018
When people think summer they think sunny days filled with pools, ocean, concerts, ect.
My summer was not sunny days but filled with exhilarating nights that felt never ending.
Nights filled with the smell of the clear, open , night sky mixed with the alcohol that lingered on your breath.
The feeling of being stuck in time where the only people that mattered were us.
The taste of your toxic kisses that would poison my blood in a way that I never thought was possible.
Laughter that filled the air that no one but us could hear.
Walking the empty streets barefoot
Sometimes we would run and I could feel the rhythm of the vibrations of the love in the air that would start from my feet that never wanted to stop running, all the way to my fingertips that yearned to hold you close.
Summer nights was the time to feel alive, the time to fall in love under the starry night skies.
Oh, those warm summer nights.
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