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GreenWitch Sep 2023
Is this what love was meant to be?
This overwhelming feeling in your company
Undeniably true, unfathomably right
Becoming my everything in the blink of an eye

How is every touch so perfectly placed
Mindful and distinct
Yet absent-mindedly performed
Like second nature

Every word written or uttered from your lips
Fills my heart to burst
You've been fulfilling my young girl fantasies
Those of which I never thought could be brought into this reality

When you ask me, "where did you come from?"
While staring into my eyes, bewildered
Or breathlessly gasp, "what the ****?"
During and after every passionate night

Every time I'd blow your mind
Knowledge of some obscure childhood memory you hold dear
I was there to share it
Though I was nowhere near

Our beginning started on a shattered base
Each of us unaware that the other
Was precisely meant to be in this place
Convoluted events leading us here
At the same time
For our beginning

It's been 4 years in the making, you and I
And even longer than that still
A perfect set of circumstances
That it took to reveal

You're what I've been wanting
You're what I've been seeking
I'm what you've been yearning for
I'm what you've been needing
May we continue to grow this happiness
Grow this family
Meld these lives
Expand our spirits

I cannot explain why I feel this way
But I promise to love you every day
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Do I still take your breath away or has that power expired?
Leave me to my own devices because I’m growing tired
And for a little while you lead me to believe you’re done
Until the moment I start losing interest in which direction your feet run
And I say I no longer care but we both know it isn’t true
Honestly I do not give a ****...
About anything except you
The only thing ricocheting against my set of bones
Is your name bouncing like drumsticks on xylophones
For once I get to perform our song
Music to my lonely ears
Skeleton an instrument producing every note brain hears
Have my mutilated perception record melody
When finished play it over so I can sing off-key
And leave on your doorstep to remind you of what we had
When I am done realize I still feel just as sad
And screams bottled up press on the walls of my insides
Threatening to expose the place heartache hides
Slide shapeless secrets even deeper down the *****
Drowning damaged moments in a mess of distraction and dope
I count numbers to ground racing thoughts
Break the anxious flow in a failed attempt to untangle mental knots
I will go to extreme lengths to relieve madness in my mind
Waiting for comfort desperately needed but can never seem to find
And my own flesh torments with mocking memories
Using tattooed ink for leverage to ridicule and tease
A traitor amongst body parts equally writhing in despair
Breath inhaling solitude coursing through the stagnant air
Lifeless eyes exhausted from overwhelming cruelty they view
You put up careful facades but ******* is easy to see through
X-rays of faithful adoration reveal commitment a disguise
Well-rehearsed remorse when stripped is nothing more than lies
And crumpled promises fill the trash can with empty words you said
Same old disappointment cuts
Blood staining hands bright red
Stomach full of excuses violently crammed down my throat
Those plus dead butterflies swell causing my tummy to bloat
My heart now lies in throbbing pieces scattered across bottom of my soul
In the exact spot you used to reside within my chest is now an unfathomable hole
This one needed to get out of my broken *** heart
Ali Hilout Mar 2020
We seek for an excuse impatiently,
To keep living our life freely;
To endure the dreadful scene intrepidly,
Fraught with the mess, doom, and jeopardy.
A dark, infectious, virus may it be;
Unfathomable, and obscure seemingly
We are unaware of it wholly.
We wish to get out from this trouble,
So as to wake up on a bright day;
After it, we would have learnt
To face our reality as humans together.
We need these kinds of tragedies,
For them to remind us of our humanness.
Pyrrha Feb 2019
Sometimes I feel like I am just a supporting character
A sidekick in someone else's unfathomable destiny
Maybe that's why I am the poet, and not the muse
Rosie Sep 2018
The human mind can't fathom infinity.

when I'm alone with you,
infinity doesn't seem so unfathomable.
Late night thoughts, I don't know.
Davon Brown Jun 2018
A tight pressure gathers in my chest as they approach and I feel a fear in my heart that's never been there before, My heart..


They're even closer to me now and it's to late to turn back now. They're arms are outreached almost surrounding me, My mind..


I vigorously lash out and shout. I don't deserve or want such an honor. I have to distance myself now! Or else I'm stuck. The arms close in on me and wrap around me tightly, I can't breathe. My mind..


Warmth. It greets your body with a oozing presence. My heart beats fast, and my mind lines up to start racing. I fall into the welcoming sensation, bringing it's youthful taste. My heart...

s s f w s May 2017
It's Not Your
Lips I Taste
When We Kiss.
It's Not Your
Corporal Odour
Salved To My Soils.
Its Your Subliminal Essence
By My Core Being Drenched.
Rooh aatma spirit
Marty T Ottman Jan 2017
what is it when every time witness your image.. minutes feeling like forever, when i know everything is finished.   reflections may not be as vibrant as they use to be, you know everything seem to  turns translucent.   lucid, but losing what it exactly meant to an extent. lingering  somewhere rather known dwelling deep inside. let alone all i confided just a piece is missing, when it comes to reminiscing. i know it doesn't make any difference. past tense to present.. the  significance lost its value.. its not a coincidence. just dont  misrepresent
K Balachandran Sep 2016
Under the spell of the milky way's surge
an illusion  past a zillion  light years,
among a million things dull and bright
flashing messages like crazy fireflies,
all the time demanding my attention,
how did, just you became my cynosure?
As I sit amazed like a kid on an ocean shore
foolishly start to analyze, without knowing
how to go about it, except dreaming  in poetry,
my eyes catch the same  galaxy in my veins
in your eyes churn, to catch the essence of this spell.
And I realize : you too are like me,  puzzled
about this magical conspiracy of stellar configuarations
that make the star dust within us attract each other.
What do we know about the cosmic dynamics that make us work as a clockwork, intricately connected to  one limitless consciousness, in which all form a part...
blythe Aug 2016
My pen and paper used to spawn fantasies
Imagery of happiness and sadness,
Random feelings I have never felt,
Emotions I have just thought of,
Made up stories of love and heartaches.

But now that you are here,
I know in my heart that my love is for real;
All words lost in an endless abyss of love -
Coz I know, no word could ever describe
This unfathomable love I have for you.
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